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2021 Engineering Leader Under 40: Hannah Kelly, 33

Lead Controls Engineer at Strike, The Woodlands, Texas, United States, BS Electrical Engineering, Louisiana Tech

By CFE Media September 8, 2021
Hannah Kelly, 33 Lead Controls Engineer Strike The Woodlands, Texas, United States BS Electrical Engineering, Louisiana Tech

Hannah Kelly, 33
Lead Controls Engineer
The Woodlands, Texas, United States
BS Electrical Engineering, Louisiana Tech

Why should this person be recognized for this award?

Hannah is an accomplished engineer backed by years of field proven designs. Early in her career she was involved in developing offshore control systems that in one case earned her a patent. She is the personification of what an engineer is: Driven, curious, talented and interested in learning how the world works and how she can contribute to it. She is well known within her professional circle as a hard worker and is often sought after for her detail-oriented and methodical approach to design and development.

Achievements, Advancement & Career-related Industry Contributions

Hannah started her career as an Edison Engineer in GE’s prestigious Edison program reserved for engineering schools’ top minds throughout the world. During her stint as an Edison, Hannah developed various systems for offshore BOP control systems ranging from control cabinets to automated reel controls where she actively earned her first patent for the design.

She then moved to power generation, GE’s largest division where for two years she wrote control code large turbines. She was also heavily involved in SIT and commissioning at customer sites. After GE, Hannah ventured into the EPC world where she landed a role with a Houston-based EPC focused on midstream applications. She got involved in sizing valves, designing PLC based controls and was responsible for the full range of instrument selection from writing specifications to designing them into the various functions.

Afterwards, she moved to a large EPC to work with some of midstream’s largest operators. Since, she has been involved in developing remotely controlled stations that are involved in the safe movement and monitoring of hydrocarbons across the state. She routinely is requested by the client to be involved in projects and to lead the design effort of systems.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

Hannah is an accomplished athlete. She is involved in strength training, running, indoor rock climbing, and nature trail running. She is also an avid bird watcher and naturist.

Interesting Details

  • Hannah is the type of person that excels at anything she decides to do. She is good at being good.
  • She is a registered professional engineer and an amazing gardener.

Why did they choose this career?

She would tell you that engineers are in a unique position to build a world that never was. Every other profession is involved with what is; engineers are involved in what is to become.

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