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2021 Engineering Leader Under 40: Alex Head, 28

Engineering Team Leader at Maverick Technologies, BS Chemical Engineering, Auburn University

By CFE Media September 8, 2021
Alex Head, 28, Engineering Team Leader Maverick Technologies Tinley Park, Illinois, United States BS Chemical Engineering, Auburn University

Alex Head, 28
Engineering Team Leader
Maverick Technologies Tinley Park, Illinois, United States
BS Chemical Engineering, Auburn University

Why should this person be recognized for this award?

Alex shows a commitment to excellence at Maverick. He takes on stretch assignments and puts in the extra time to sharpen his technical skills with senior employees. In addition, he takes an active role in helping to develop the skillsets of newer engineers. Alex has been an important part in establishing a trusted partner relationship with several local customers, which has helped grow our business in the Chicago area. He has leveraged his people skills to take on a team leader role, where he leads with integrity and continues to progress in his career towards a management role.

Achievements, Advancement and Career-related Industry Contributions

Alex was selected to be a part of the 2019-2020 Leadership Development Team where he and a group of Maverick engineers took on a yearlong project with an open-ended goal of improving the efficiency of the company. In addition to the project, the team spent time learning from various business units within the company to provide experience beyond the level of an individual contributor. Alex has been with Maverick since he graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. In his five years with the company, he has been promoted from Engineer I to Engineer II to Engineering Team Leader. From a technical standpoint, he has differentiated himself as a leader in Rockwell Automation PlantPAx architecture as well as industrial network troubleshooting and design.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

Alex likes to lift weights in his time outside of work. He feels like the principles associated with a sound fitness routine incorporate themselves well to all aspects of life and believes that challenging the body is as important as challenging the mind. He enjoys using knowledge to develop a plan, execute that plan, and see the measurable improvements throughout the process.

Interesting Details

  • Alex began his career in our Pensacola office. He relocated to Chicago when work was slow in Pensacola because he saw an opportunity to challenge himself. He has been in the Chicago office ever since, and he has continued to challenge himself with stretch roles and assignments.
  • Alex is a big fan of Auburn football, and prior to his relocation to Chicago, he had been to every single Auburn home game for seven straight years. He continues to watch every game, but he now has to do so on TV.

Why did they choose this career?

“I have a passion for people, and I see how much potential technology has to improve lives. I believe that with today’s rapid increase in technological capabilities, there is tremendous opportunity to lead the control engineering industry to improve safety, increase reliability, and expand possibility. For those looking to help shape the future of American manufacturing, control engineering provides tremendous opportunities to make peoples’ lives better through improved work processes as well as improved efficiency of production. Nearly everything we touch is affected by control engineering, and it is a great career path to make tangible improvements to society.”

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