2020 Product of the Year award winners

Oil & Gas Engineering announces the 2020 Product of the Year gold, silver and bronze award winners

By Amanda Pelliccione December 7, 2020

Oil & Gas Engineering’s annual Product of the Year awards program recognizes significant innovation and advancement in technologies and best practices. Below and in the December 2020 issue we announce the 2020 winners:

Data & Analytics Category

Gold Award Winner: Asset performance management software

APM 360 from Symphony AzimaAI is a cloud-based asset performance management solution that covers overall asset health, real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance — accurately recommending specific actions. APM 360 leverages the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to account for complex, dynamic behavioral machinery patterns and contextual data relating to the manufacturing process at large. The APM 360 AI-based anomaly engine looks for irregularities while the FMEA engine and Symphony AzimaAI’s propriety scoring know-how acts as a double filter to ensure no false anomalies.

Silver Award Winner: Machinery protection, condition monitoring system

The Orbit 60 from Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes Business, is a next-generation platform that collects and processes data, equipping operators with the right data and analytics to determine the health of their machines. It is an intrinsically cyber-secure machinery monitoring system with a built-in data diode, which enables secure one-way data transfer from the device to Bently Nevada’s flagship machinery management software System 1 for proactive monitoring and diagnostics.

Bronze Award Winner: Advanced analytics software

Seeq R22 from Seeq Corp. enables users to quickly investigate and share analyses from operations and manufacturing data sources to find insights and answer questions. Designed specifically for analyzing process data, Seeq R22 works across all verticals with time-eries data in historians or other storage platforms. The R22 release includes item-level permissions, significant processing speed increases, and additional collaborative features.

IIoT & Process Control Category

Gold Award Winner: Process performance management application

Symphony AzimaAI’s Performance 360 is a process performance and optimization solution for the process industries including petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, power generation and discrete manufacturing. It combines process condition insights, performance metrics and process history. Performance 360 uses IIoT and carefully curated artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to predict how a process will perform in the future and identify potential process disruptions, quality issues and trip conditions.

Silver Award Winner: Integrated HMI, SCADA platform

Developed for plant, telemetry, or hosted systems of any size, Trihedral VTScada’s unique design integrates all core SCADA components into one easy-to-use package. It replaces third-party add-ons with integrated features like Enterprise historian, security, reporting, alarming, alarm notification, version control and thin clients. This removes risk and stress from every stage of the software lifecycle; from pricing and licensing to development and support. Since versions are never retired, VTScada applications can be scaled and updated indefinitely.

Bronze Award Winner: Safety I/O module

The Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley FLEX 5000 safety input/output (I/O) module can meet the needs of producers in process and heavy industries that require fixed field-wiring terminations or both vertical and horizontal I/O mounting in distributed safety applications. The FLEX 5000 I/O module provides distributed safety I/O for the Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix 5380 and 5580 controllers. The safety module can be combined with FLEX 5000 standard I/O modules to achieve integrated safety and control in one distributed I/O platform.

Machines & Equipment Category

Gold Award Winner: Frac valve seat

The SPM EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat from Weir Oil & Gas increases seat life 6X and doubles valve life compared to conventional offerings to provide substantial cost savings and reduction of NPT. Valves, seats and packing are the most significant maintenance expenses on a frac site, making operators focus on reducing costs related to fluid end maintenance and downtime. The SPM EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat employs tungsten carbide strategically in key wear areas to deliver dramatically longer life than existing valve seats, including environments with large particles, which means less time spent pulling seats.

Silver Award Winner:Virtual reality training software

For oil and gas manufacturers, the Mimic Field 3D virtual reality (VR) simulator from Emerson Automation makes training safer and more cost effective. The simulation software uses a site’s CAD drawings and digital twin architecture to create a three-dimensional model of the operating environment. In the virtual environment, operators can use VR equipment to perform the same tasks they would in the real world, gaining familiarity with assets and controls, such as pumps and compressors, without the risk or production interruption of practicing on live equipment.

Bronze Award Winner: Ultrasonic gas flowmeter

The Endress+Hauser Proline Prosonic Flow G 300/500 ultrasonic gas flowmeter is ideal for demanding applications, measuring both dry and wet gases with high precision (±0.5%), unmatched repeatability and high reliability — even when process and ambient conditions fluctuate significantly. The robust industrial design makes it possible to operate the flowmeter long term without maintenance, saving time and money. The meter operates at process temperatures up to 150°C and pressures up to 100 bar and can be ordered with built-in pressure and temperature sensors.

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Author Bio: Amanda is the Research Director and Project Manager of Awards Programs for CFE Media and its publications.