2020 Engineering Leader Under 40: Tiffany Barnes, 35

Technical Solutions Consultant, Honeywell, Houston, Texas, BS Mechanical Engineering, California State, University at Long Beach

By Amanda Pelliccione September 17, 2020

Tiffany Barnes, 35
Technical Solutions Consultant
Houston, Texas
BS Mechanical Engineering, California State University at Long Beach

Tiffany has quickly become a key contributor to the global Technical Solution Consultant organization, which provides Honeywell Sales and Operations organizations with comprehensive and holistic technical and business expertise for automation customers. She regularly interfaces one-on-one with customers and has most recently focused her expertise on the Life Sciences industry (Specialty Chemical and Pharmaceutical processes) and batch processing solutions. Tiffany often researches the regulatory needs of her customers, speaks with regulators and other experts, and actively seeks ways to incorporate solutions to these needs into our products.

Fun fact: Prior to joining Honeywell, Tiffany applied her passions for science and problem solving as an engineer for the Walt Disney Company.

Author Bio: Amanda is the Research Director and Project Manager of Awards Programs for CFE Media and its publications.