2018 Engineering Leader Under 40: Nick Clute, 35

Business Development Manager, Turck, Minneapolis, MN, United States

By McKenzie Burns, Production Coordinator September 13, 2018

Nick Clute, 35
Business Development Manager
Turck, Minneapolis, MN, United States
BS Electrical Engineering, Kettering University

Nick chose a career in controls engineering because of his curiosity to find solutions. He excels at viewing a customer’s challenge as part of an entire system and understanding the impact that one change can have on other areas. He speaks in facts, listens more than he talks, and is skilled at finding out what problems a customer is trying to solve and how Turck can help. Specific to the automotive industry, Nick was involved in developing RFID bolt tags, programming automated guided vehicles, and implementing Field Logic Controllers with ARGEE to improve control processes. His engineering contributions also extend into his community, where he applies this passion by volunteering for local organizations. He volunteered as one of the first ISO auditors for Turck and has also been instrumental in introducing training programs and communication tools to help sales reps and employees better understand Turck’s offering and get the information they need.

Fun Fact: Nick is very involved in volunteering for the activities his children participate in and has since become the Rookie Director for the local racing club.