2018 Engineering Leader Under 40: Nathan Butler, 27

Controls Engineer, RedViking, Plymouth, MI, United States

By McKenzie Burns, Production Coordinator September 13, 2018

Nathan Butler, 27
Controls Engineer
RedViking, Plymouth, MI, United States
BS Electrical Engineering, Kettering University

Nathan tried a lot of different things when he was younger, but quickly picked up on his talent for mathematics. He has led the software development and integration of the two largest inductively powered AGV conveyers in the world and led a group of eight controls engineers during the integration of four AGV assembly lines across the US and Canada. Quickly becoming the go-to engineer in the group, he has shown incredible talent when resolving complex issues. Nathan is also passionate about electronic design and microcontroller programming; he’s created an RGB/HSV LED light controller and used it to teach his two-year-old daughter her colors.

Fun Fact: Nathan has been working on a PLC software toolbox that now has about a dozen elegant, modular, and powerful blocks of code.