2018 Engineering Leader Under 40: Adwait Palsule, 39

Project Manager, Panacea Technologies Inc., Montgomeryville, PA, United States

By McKenzie Burns, Production Coordinator September 13, 2018

Adwait Palsule, 39
Project Manager
Panacea Technologies Inc., Montgomeryville, PA, United States
BS Industrial Engineering, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute
MS Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Rochester Institute of Technology

Adwait embodies everything it means to be a leader in Engineering. He leads by example by showcasing supreme problem-solving skills, technical know-how, and a work ethic that doesn’t quit. More than that, they say someone can be labeled a leader when they develop leaders, and Adwait has helped develop many of Panacea’s current generation of Lead Engineers. Adwait helped develop the OpenBIO system at Panacea, which won a 2018 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Innovator award. In addition, he helped develop and implement a PAT (Process Analytical Technology) system for a Pharmaceutical company that would take real time data and feed it back into the process control system for real time parameter changes meant to improve batch quality and product purity. It also laid the groundwork for the novel concept of real-time release for batches which is still leading edge in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Adwait’s passion for automation extends into his home life. Adwait recently became one of the first people in the United States to install an automatic lawn mower at his house. The mower, which he affectionately has named Trevor, became a cornerstone of his home automation hobby after having made major upgrades to his lighting, speaker, and even garage door systems. Planning for Trevor wasn’t so easy and included mapping out his entire yard, installing the guide system, and lots of testing. The system is now fully functional!

Fun Fact: After moving to the United States, Adwait became a die-hard Eagles fan.