2002 National Plant Engineering Show

By Staff February 15, 2002

Safety gloves

The GP150 and PU50 styles are the first in a line of general purpose gloves. The GP150 style has an extra-heavy coated palm for abrasion, cut, and oil resistance, while the PU50 has a silicone-free polyurethane coating for lint-related problems. Styles are ideal for the metal, electronic, and clean room industries. Magid Glove and Safety Manufacturing Co. magidglove.com Booth 932

Inventory software

Mobile Inventory System manages mobile and remote stores and automatically updates the main inventory control system of an enterprise. The application enhances the “just in time inventory” technique by accounting for the MRO inventory carried in trucks, toolboxes, and temporary satellite stores, and integrates the main inventory system with all the “floating” warehouses. Champs Software, Inc. champsinc.com Booth 1725


The Ironworker Model P50 offers a list of standard features, including low-rake flat bar knives that minimize distortion, automatic urethane hold-downs on the punch strippers and bars, plate and angle shear, and split dovetail slide mountings on punching and bending attachments. Piranha piranhafab.com Booth 2437

Security door

Designed for industrial and commercial applications, the Spiral high-speed security door for exterior doorways with moderate to heavy motorized traffic opens at five feet per second and improves traffic flow and efficiency. Its high-speed operation saves energy by minimizing air infiltration through the doorway. Rytec Corporation rytecdoors.com Booth 2017

Air conditioner

The Office Pro 60 portable air conditioner is designed for cooling office environments and protecting computer and telecom equipment from losing data due to heat. The product provides 60,000 Btu/h of cooling and 2000 cfm of airflow at evaporator, and runs on a single phase, 208/230 Volts power supply. MovinCool movincool.com Booth 942

Low resistance ohmmeter

The Megger DLRO 10X is a portable, low resistance ohmmeter that features data storage and downloading capability. With five different operating modes, the unit can store up to 700 test results and allows pass/fail limits to be preset by the operator. It also includes a keypad that allows notes to be entered and stored with the test. AVO International avointl.com Booth 2522

Safety harness

The ExoFit Harness incorporates state-of-the-art engineering using principles of ergonomics blended with the best technology from the worlds of industrial safety, mountaineering, scuba diving, hang gliding, and the military. Constructed in the shape of an “X” that wraps around the worker, the harness ventilates and cools the body by virtue of the material properties. DBI/SALA salagroup.com Booth 2339

Industrial visor

The Magna Visor combines quality optics and contemporary design from Bausch & Lomb. The molded frame is padded with a removable and washable fabric for increased comfort, and the lenses are easily changed to a variety of focal lengths. Additional benefits include hands-free magnification and maximized efficiency when working with small items. Bausch & Lomb, Inc. bauschlomb.com Booth 1648

Remote control system

Without cables or cords, the Pendant Station (PS) Controller provides safe and accurate control of overhead cranes through message security, longer battery life, and quick response time. PS Controllers — built for heavy-duty industrial environments — include the i-Key to store programming information. Cattron-Theimeg, Inc. cattron-theimeg.com Booth 2719

Pipe repair

For any operation where piping carries flammable, toxic, or corrosive products, the STOP IT pipe repair system can restore flow in minutes. The product can repair leaks in chemical plants, refineries, processing plants, and manufacturing plants and potentially stop an environmental contamination problem before it starts. Indumar Products, Inc. stopit.com Booth 2214

Enclosure alternative

The Eclipse Junior Series — a unique junction box series — is geared toward industrial OEM, MRO and contractor customers seeking a good-looking, highly practical, and well-priced small enclosure alternative. The enclosure features a single quarter-turn latch system and a formed body lip for contaminant protection. Hammond Manufacturing hammondenclosures.com Booth 2033

Dynamic web sites

IQTech designs web sites with high-end graphics and embedded databases for self-maintenance. Customers can save on upgrade fees and IT maintenance fees with IQTech, which designs web-based software and works with the Internet, Extranet, and Corporate Intranet. IQTech iqtechservices.com Booth 1350

Welding helmet

The Speedglas ProTop combination hard hat, welding helmet, and auto-darkening lens system is ideal for welders in areas with overhead hazards, such as cranes, protruding beams, and moving machinery. An exclusive pivot mechanism connects the welding helmet to the hard hat. Hornell, Inc. hornell.com Booth 1938

Fall protection

Roof Edge Fall Protection Railing System is based on the counterbalance principle and uses Kee Klamp fittings. Made with galvanized schedule 40 1-1/2 in. pipes, the system does not penetrate the roof membrane and meets OSHA standards. Kee Industrial Products, Inc. keeguard.com Booth 2247

Hard-wired products

Circuit Guard ground fault 30 amp portable and 30 amp hard-wired products are available through Wiring Device-Kellems of Hubbell Inc., a manufacturer of electrical and electronic products for commercial, industrial, utility, and telecommunications markets. The new products include a portable GFCI, a surface mount hard-wired GFCI, and a panel mount GFCI. Hubbell Inc. hubbell-wiring.com Booth 446

Commercial roofing

Ultra Poly SMS Base Sheet is a heavyweight SBS modified base sheet with polyester reinforcement. It is used as a base or interply layer in both new and recover roof assemblies and can be mechanically attached or applied using hot asphalt or cold adhesive in accordance with CertainTeed specifications. CertainTeed Corp. certainteed.com Booth 1038

Self-cleaning filter

Installed as a primary filter, the prefilter type TVM prevents larger particles from reaching the fine filter, thus reducing maintenance and downtime. The models range from 6000 to 100,000 cfm and use little floor space. Different filter screens are available. LTG Inc. ltg-inc.net Booth 8242

Maintenance software

Version 5.1 of MPulse Ltd., MPulse Pro, and MPulse Gold are available, with all three being Java-based and open database compliant. The products contain many of the same functionality and usability enhancements. MPulse Maintenance Software mpulse.com Booth 1626

Equipment management

Equipment Management software solution helps reduce maintenance costs by providing an effective and proactive way to manage equipment maintenance expenses. Peregrine delivers infrastructure management solutions to manage the entire lifecycle of an organization’s assets, from IT equipment and fleets of vehicles to telecom and facility assets. Peregrine Systems peregrine.com Booth 1624

Fluid sealing

Designed and priced specially for sealing large-diameter steel piping and equipment, GORE-TEX Series 300 gasket tape installs easily and reduces expensive material scrap. The gasket tape, available in four widths and thicknesses, is resistant to virtually all chemicals and tolerates temperatures from -450 degrees F to 600 degrees F. W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. gore.com/sealants Booth 1837

Versatile forklift

Combilift, a multi-directional forklift/sideloader, is designed to maximize space by transporting long loads in any direction: forward, reverse, or sideways. The engine-powered, all-wheel drive system operates indoors or outdoors. Cargotec cargotec.com Booth 2617

Punch and die set

Metric 10 TruPunch punch and die set solves millimeter/decimal conversion problems and uses a self-centering pilot to guarantee perfect alignment. Simply punch the inside hole, insert the matching pilot into the tip of the outside punch, and punch the outside hole. Precision Brand Products, Inc. precisionbrand.com Booth 2427

Computer cabinet

Topview computer cabinet measures 26-in. wide by 72-in. high and features a retractable keyboard drawer. Lower storage area includes two full-width adjustable shelves to hold 1350 pounds of tools or other supplies. Included are a seven outlet, 15 amp, 110-Volt power strip and a fan with a guard filter. Strong Hold Products strong-hold.com Booth 2520

Chain hoists

The Manipulator control is available on the Mini-Cat AH Series of air-powered chain hoists and is ideal for repetitive working practices on assembly lines and workstations throughout a variety of industries. The ergonomic design enhances operator comfort, while an adjustable right or left one-hand control and optional positioning of the Manipulator’s height on the load chain makes the hoist even more user friendly. Harrington Hoists, Inc. harringtonhoists.com Booth 2207

Overhead door

Bug Blocker overhead screen door system prevents entrance by unauthorized people, insects, birds, and rodents. Built with aluminum frame and stainless steel mesh construction, the door features a track switch design that allows independent use of the Bug Blocker and the existing overhead door. Rasco Industries, Inc. bugblocker.com Booth 1032

Maintenance management

MS2000 Computerized Maintenance Management Solution suite includes the most comprehensive facility operations tools in the market. MicroMain Corporation is a facility operations software and services provider. MicroMain Corporation micromain.com Booth 1627

Hand cleaner

Kresto Select has the cleaning power of original Kresto, but is solvent-free and safe for the skin. The STOKOPON patented cleaning system contains canola oil, walnut shell scrubber, and Laureth-6. Stockhausen Skin Care stockhausen-inc.com Booth 1545

Replacement LED lamps

Ultra-bright single/multi-chip based LED solutions are available as a replacement for incandescent-lighted pushbuttons, annuciators, relampable panel indicators, industrial motor controls, plant automation status indicators, and exit signs. LEDtronics, Inc. ledtronics.com Booth 2609

Lockout solutions

The E-Z Code line of lockout/tagout solutions helps ensure safe and effective isolation of energy sources from equipment during maintenance, repair, and setup operations. The devices are designed to lock out electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, and thermal energy sources. Thomas & Betts Corporation tnb.com Booth 2342

Containment unit

Ultra-HardTop P1 Plus is the only 1-drum containment unit with a convenient roll-top cover. The all-polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode, and the forkliftable unit is lockable for added security. UltraTech International, Inc. spillcontainment.com Booth 1642

Vibration analysis

ASCENT is an easy-to-use, all-in-one vibration analysis tool suitable for every level of vibration analyst, from novice to expert. The vibration analysis software program provides users with automatic alarm generation capabilities, advanced analysis tools, and the ability to create and customize reports. National Electrical Carbon Products, Inc. vbseries.com Booth 1534

Asset management

Indus InSite is the first asset management solution built from the ground up as a pure Internet application. Operating on an intuitive and powerful web browser platform, Indus InSite delivers business value and accelerated ROI through a web-based interface and innovative decision support tools that transform data into business intelligence. Indus indus.com Booth 1425

Patented tensioner

The multi-jackbolt tensioner eliminates time-consuming and unsafe bolting methods. Only hand tools are required for installation and removal. Superbolt, Inc. superbolt.com Booth 1834

Gas detection

Thermo GasTech introduces the next generation of portable gas monitors, the GT-INNOVA. The monitor includes a 20% increase in pump flow rate, auto-calibration, five combustible gas ranges, and three button operation. Thermo GasTech thermogastech.com Booth 2044

Water filtration

Auto-Vac filter is pre-piped, pre-wired water filtration equipment that requires little labor. It filters down to Alar Engineering alarcorp.com Booth 1442

Motor rebuilding

Dreisilker Electric Motors specializes in rebuilding servo and spindle motors from the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial automation equipment and provides rebuild services for a host of industries, including CNC machine tools, robots, woodworking machines, printing and paper converting machines, and material handling equipment. Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc. emotorstore.com Booth 2430

Ergonomic chairs

BioFit Engineered Products offers 277 chair models for industrial, office, laboratory, and high-tech applications and a Ship Now! program for customers who need immediate delivery. BioFit Engineered Products biofit.com Booth 1949


SuperSole 2.0 represents the latest in footwear technology, combining comfort, durability, and flexibility. Soft inner urethane midsole works in tandem with the ComfortForce footbed for support that lasts all day. Red Wing Shoe Company redwingsafety.com Booth 2148


Proper humidification at the lowest possible energy cost is the focus of the GTS humidifier, which has the broadest capacity range on the market and indoor and outdoor mounting. DRI-STEEM Humidifier Company dristeem.com Booth 114

Compact vacuum

The CFM 137 is a compact industrial vacuum with all the features of larger models. The vacuum can be used for general cleaning, as well as extraction of fine powders and toxic debris in specialized applications, and can be adapted for dry or liquid collection. Nilfisk-Advance America, Inc. pa.nilfisk-advance.com Booth 1609

Socket screw

Brighton Best Socket Screw Mfg. is the world’s largest socket screw supplier with 25 centers in North America servicing the distribution base. The variety of socket screw products includes alloy, metric, and ferrous materials. Brighton Best Socket Screw Mfg. brightonbest.com Booth 2725

Boiler gaskets

Topog-E boiler gaskets are molded from a special rubber composition to provide superior sealing in handhole and manway openings in steam boilers, water heaters and softeners, deaerators, and other pressure vessels. Topog-E Gasket Company topog-e.com Booth 834

Window wall

Guard-Tite windows are designed for the Guardian 275 translucent curtainwall and have passed the testing required to meet AAMA/NWWDA 101/I.S. 2-97, “Voluntary specifications for aluminum, vinyl (PVC) and wood windows and glass doors.” Major Industries, Inc. majorskylights.com Booth 1250

Wheels and casters

Inner and outer polyamide rings, combined with a Resilex center, make the sandwich wheel a unique product. It has a shock-absorbing effect, low starting effort, and reduced noise level. Bleutec Wheels and Casters bleutec.com Booth 2815

Smoking shelters

Smoking shelters help plants comply with regulations, increase safety and security, and accommodate smoking and non-smoking staff and visitors. Prefabricated shelters offer options for lights, HVAC, and more. Duo-Gard Industries, Inc. duo-gard.com Booth 2050

Signaling devices

Federal Signal Corporation manufactures signaling devices for process control and plant-wide safety signaling and communications systems for industrial applications. Products include audible and visual status indicators, warning lights, and indoor and outdoor sirens. Federal Signal Corporation federalsignal-indust.com Booth 2230


Zinc-plated steel and stainless steel clamp styles are part of the Oetiker line. Unique design provides speed of installation, tamper resistance, and low-profile posture while maintaining a powerful, constant seal. Oetiker, Inc. oetiker.com Booth 2450

Lubricants and fluids

Dow Corning offers the most complete line of industrial lubricants and fluids from any single supplier in the world, along with application support, technical service, and product information. Dow Corning Corporation dowcorning.com Booth 1422

CMMS/EAM software

Web-enabled CMMS/EAM software suite, the iSeries, addresses all aspects of MRO, including collaborative work management, asset tracking and maintenance, operational accounting, and document control. Users need only a standard web browser to install, deploy, and access Synergen solutions. Synergen, Inc. synergen.com Booth 1625

Infrared thermometer

Collecting and logging critical temperatures is easy with the high-precision MX model infrared thermometer, which was recently reduced in price. Raytek Corporation raytek.com Booth 1436

Pipe sealing cord

Loctite 55 pipe sealing cord is an alternative to using adhesive, tape, or an O-ring for sealing the threads of pipes and fittings. The cord is a non-curing, coated, multi-filament thread that is wound directly from the dispensing package into the threads of the pipe to seal against air or liquids leaks. Loctite Corporation loctite.com Booth 1832

Fittings and valves

Anderson Metals is a family owned and operated manufacturer of brass fittings, valves, and pipe nipples. The company offers same-day shipping at a 98% fill-rate on more than 6500 products made from brass forgings, rod, and castings. Anderson Metals Corp., Inc. andersonmetals.thomasregister.com Booth 1136

Safety towels

Simple Green safety towels are the fast, safe, and effective way to remove soils from skin and industrial surfaces. The pre-moistened towels are more cost efficient than shop rags, more convenient than wall-mounted dispensers, and more effective and safer than solvent-based alternatives. Sunshine Makers, Inc. simplegreen.com Booth 1849

Programmable indicator

The 920i programmable indicator/controller is designed for material handling, batching, vehicle scale, data acquisition, and industrial automation applications. A large LCD screen can be configured with weight character sizes up to 1.2 in., bar graphs, status messages and icons, and operator prompts. Rice Lake Weighing Systems rlws.com Booth 2714


Single Point Automatic lubricators are available in gas-charged and electro-mechanical driven units. The PRO is the newest addition to the Perma USA line and features 350 psi and multiple point options. Perma NET, a monitoring system, allows control and monitoring of lubricators off site via the Internet. Perma USA permausa.com Booth 1034

Signs and tags

MAX-TEK signs and tags are constructed of printed legends sealed between two layers of durable plastic, establishing high-performance resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and UV fading. Options include bar-coding and double-sided tags. Marking Services, Inc. markserv.com Booth 1925


Mobile and non-mobile configurations are available for a fully assembled I.D. Casework geared toward demanding industrial environments. Tough thermofused melamine laminate resists stains and scratches and allows for easy clean-up. I.D. Casework stevensind.com Booth 2237

Power system

Symmetra MW is the largest static uninterruptible power system in the market and delivers up to 1.6 megawatts of power in a scaleable, modular design. The unit can also be paralleled for even higher power demands. American Power Conversion apcc.com Booth 2529

Corrosion inhibitors

VCI 2000 corrosion inhibitor products are making their way to the U.S. via Grofit Plastics, a European manufacturer of corrosion inhibitor film, bags, sheeting, powders, wire, anti-static ESD bags, and tubing. Grofit Plastics vci2000.com Booth 1344

Parts cleaning

Finding the right solutions to specific cleaning applications is the goal of Safety-Kleen, a service company dedicated to taking care of parts cleaning needs. Safety-Kleen Corporation safety-kleen.com Booth 1232

International publication

Industrial Market Place links buyers and sellers and includes the latest information on plant equipment, metals, machinery, welding, electrical services, data processing, handling, and auctions. Industrial Market Place industrialmktpl.com Booth 2825

Electrical care

The TEGG Service Contractor Network is an organization offering customizable programs of predictive and proactive care for plants and manufacturers’ electrical systems in order to help reduce risks and better manage reliability and safety. TEGG Corporation tegg.com Booth 2243

Conductor bar

Safe-Lec 2 V-contact bar stands as an alternative to the figure 8 conductor bar. Safe-Lec 2 is the only true IP2 certified V-contact bar for 60-400 amps manufactured in the U.S. Insul-8 Corporation insul-8.com Booth 829

Electrical maintenance

Hi-Line showcases a fully stocked mobile store equipped with electrical and mechanical maintenance products from companies such as AMP, 3M, Panduit, Weatherhead, and Thomas & Betts. Hi-Line hi-line.com Booth 1017

Conveyor guide

Conveyor and Design Guide has been updated with more than 220 pages of design and dimensional data for overhead, live roller, chain, slat, vertical, and custom conveyors. Webb-Stiles Company webb-stiles.com Booth 2126

Air compressors

A full range of rotary screw and vane products, in addition to lubricated, oil-free, variable, and regulated-speed air compressors, are available. CompAir compair.com Booth 1632

Crane inspection

Access inspection reports day or night, track maintenance costs, and improve equipment reliability with Crane-Care, the only web-based overhead crane and hoist inspection program. Crane America Services craneamerica.com Booth 1351


QuickLatch reusable, air purifying, half-mask respirators are easy to slide on and off the face. Contoured flange construction adds to the comfort level and makes the fit exceptional. QuickLatch is available in three sizes, with a choice of slicone, TPR, or natural rubber. Aearo Company aearo.com Booth 1649

Infrared heaters

Panelblocs are low-intensity infrared heaters that are utilized from manufacturing plants, to warehouses, to airport hangars, and beyond. The standing pilot design requires no electricity for operation, and the Panelblocs are low maintenance because there are no fans, motors, pressure vacuum switches, or filters. Panelbloc, Inc. panelbloc.com Booth 2638

Purchasing guide

More than 209,000 Ameritech Industrial Purchasing Guides (AIPG) are distributed to qualified purchasers and specifiers, allowing business, industry, government, and institution decision makers to locate industrial supplier and service information. SBC Ameritech SMARTPAGES.com/industrial Booth 1838

Hex tool

MagicRing is a standard hex tool with ball end for angle entry and screw holding for time savings. The product is available in L-keys, SoftFinish screwdrivers, T-handles, fold-ups, and insert/power bits. Wiha Quality Tools wihatools.com Booth 945

Shelf truck

Pick, store and distribute parts and supplies with the Quick-Pick A-Frame shelf truck. Rugged, all-welded construction, as well as a variety of accessories, allow for durability and flexibility in virtually any work environment. Valley Craft, Inc. valleycraft.com Booth 2337

Synthetic innovation

HiPerSYN Oils are designed to improve oxidation stability, enhance control of sludge and deposits, and perform with low volatility. The synthetic lubricants are used in screw and vane air compressors, circulating systems, and gears. The new line is formulated with the most advanced synthetic base stocks and a unique metal-free additive system. Chevron Texaco Global Lubricants chevrontexaco.com Booth 1214

Data collector

VIBSCANNER’s built-in sensors for machine parameters include vibration acceleration, displacement, and velocity according to ISO standards, Shock Pulse for bearing damage and lubrication condition, and inspection codes. Ludeca, Inc. ludeca.com Booth 2422

Tube cleaner

Removing soft and hard deposits from smooth bore and internally enhanced tubes/pipes Goodway Technologies Corp. goodway.com Booth 114

Test tools

Fluke Corporation adds two full-color ScopeMeter test tools to its ScopeMeter 190 Series handheld oscilloscope product line, the 196C and 199C. Both provide full-color display capabilities on larger screens, significantly faster display update rates, and additional capabilities. The color and display speed of the new models provides users powerful yet easy-to-use handheld oscilloscopes. Fluke Corporation fluke.com Booth 2419

Online superstore

Elestream.com, the premier online superstore for the purchase of electrical distribution, automation and control products, showcases its QUIX line of AC Drives at the National Manufacturing Week tradeshow. Elestream.com Booth 4222


Acrylic-tie adhesive is available in a five-oz cartridge and can be dispensed from a standard caulking tool. The At Fast Pac comes with a mixing nozzle and an adaptor. The adhesive is ideal for all types of machinery and fixture anchoring. Simpson Strong-Tie simpsonanchors.com Booth 2724