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For full contributor guidelines click here.

Content For Engineers. That’s what CFE Media stands for, and what CFE Media is all about—engineers sharing with their peers. We welcome content submissions for all interested parties in engineering. We will use those materials online, on our Website, in print, and in newsletters to keep engineers informed about the products, solutions and industry trends.

Products: CFE Media has developed the New Products for Engineers Database. As a result, we will NO LONGER be accepting and manually processing new product press releases that are sent via email.

This self-service database allows new product information to be directly uploaded by product vendors, PR personnel, agencies, etc. so it’s simple for you to submit your new products by following the 3 steps below:

  1. Register your name, company, user ID, and password:!manufacturer/register
  2. Login after initial registration to submit products:!manufacturer/login
  3. Submit and manage your products

To submit a bylined feature article, technical article, case study, or other item: Bylined features MUST be unique to CFE Media; that is, it must not have been published elsewhere. A contributed license form must be completed before publication. Articles should be discussed with the appropriate content manager before submission. We will, however, consider articles submitted on spec. All submitted articles will be evaluated and must meet all the criteria above before use.

For questions about subscribing or unsubscribing to digital and print products: Contact our customer service team at

Overall guidelines:

  • Content should focus on helping engineers solve problems. Articles that are commercial in nature or that are critical of other products or organizations will be rejected (Technology discussions and comparative tables may be accepted if non-promotional and if contributor corroborates information with sources cited).
  • If the content meets the above criteria, you should expect to see it on our websites first. Content for our e-newsletters comes from content already available on our websites. All content for print also will be online. All content that appears in our print magazines will appear as space permits, and we will indicate in print if more content from that article is available online.
  • Deadlines for feature articles intended for the print magazines are at minimum two months in advance of the publication date. Again, it is best to discuss all feature articles with the appropriate content manager prior to submission.

For full contributor guidelines click here.

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