Thursday, May 5, 2016

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eBook: Next Generation Cables for Factory Automation
Download our eBook for a closer look at some of the next generation cables that can get you prepared for factory automation 4.0, maximize productivity and minimize downtime.
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eLearning Right at your Fingertips for Measuring Dew Point in Compressed Air
Vaisala offers a knowledge base including white papers, FAQs, videos, and more.
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Cost Avoidance for Lean Operations
In a lean facility, how do you add efficiencies without compromising lean? This white paper will demonstrate how to calculate an ROI in ASRS equipment using areas of cost avoidance – rather than cost savings – in an already lean facility.
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Vibration technology boosts maintenance profitability
Time has caught up with conventional vibration monitoring. HD ENV® is a new vibration enveloping technology providing earlier warning of machine faults than conventional vibration.
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Motor Maintenance & Testing...don’t wait until it quits running
An electric motor loses efficiency several different ways, but the largest amount of loss comes from power losses caused by the resistance of current flow through the motor. This resistance not only loses power, but it also generates heat.
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Using Portable Spot Air Conditioners in Industrial Applications: Cooling People, Processes and Equipment
In any industrial facility, heat buildup in localized areas can be costly—lowering employee productivity or even causing OSHA violations; increasing cycle times and reducing quality by keeping products from cooling down quickly enough; and shortening the working life of equipment. Portable spot air conditioners offer a cost-effective solution.
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The Importance of a Proper Lubrication Program
This article outlines the advantages of a planned lubrication program in plant maintenance operations and the value of a regular lubrication schedule, improving productivity, reducing downtime and extending the life of plant equipment and machinery.
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