Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Maintenance Electrical Mechanical Energy Management Plant Automation Safety
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Ensure Long-Term Data Accuracy
How do you stop sensor drift? What are typical calibration schedules? This paper answers these questions and helps you understand what is involved in regular calibration and maintenance.
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Compressed Air Systems Leaks: The Cost, Common Culprits, Detection and Repair
Kaeser’s whitepaper, "Compressed Air System Leaks: The Cost, Common Culprits, Detection and Repair" explains how to determine the annual cost per compressed air leak, sheds light on where most leaks occur, and describes best practices for leak detection.
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Managing Integrity Operating Windows and Critical Plant Limits
Any business running a process plant wants to maximize asset uptime, reduce maintenance costs and avoid unplanned outages, in other words they are looking for Operational excellence. This white paper examines the issues and suggests recommendations for achieving operational excellence.
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2015 Product of the Year of Finalists
As we present the Plant Engineering 2015 Product of the Year Finalists, we celebrate innovation at the product level. The 15 categories of new products we submit for your review and consideration celebrate innovation available to all corners of our manufacturing plants.
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