Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Test critical motors with SKF’s Baker AWA-IV
This portable user-programmable motor analyzer performs a series of tests to detect problems that can lead to motor failure and costly unplanned downtime.
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Oil Skimming Facts Tutorial Handbook
Abanaki’s Oil Skimming Facts Tutorial Handbook is the industry's most complete guidebook on how to select and size an oil skimmer for your application.
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The Top 8 Reasons to Choose Remanufacturing for Electrical Infrastructure
Aging electrical infrastructure is an increasingly common issue. Remanufacturing offers a cost-effective alternative to replacing outdated products and systems. In this white paper, we explore the top 8 reasons to use a remanufacturer for your electrical infrastructure.
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Responsible For Electric Motors? Six Must Read White Papers
Dreisilker Electric Motors provides solutions that blend Forensic Analysis with the PROPER repair of critical motors. Why is this important? How can you guarantee Increased Uptime, Improved Reliability and Save Energy?
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Fun and Interesting Humidity Stories You’ve Never Heard - Free Download
This ebook is a quick and easy read perfect for curious humidity measurement professionals. Read about measuring humidity on Mount Kilimanjaro, fuel cell research, ancient tombs, deep space and more.
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The Challenges of Removing Surface (Free-Floating) Oil
For businesses and industries that deal with oil separation and removal, the solution does not need to be expensive or inefficient. Tackle your greatest production challenge quickly, easily and inexpensively – and even generate a profit.
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