White Papers

White Papers March 12, 2010

Effective task planning can optimize your outage

Outages can only be successful when the outage work is planned effectively before the work is scheduled and/or started.

By Tim Kister, Life Cycle Engineering
White Papers March 12, 2010

Predict to prevent: 7 smart maintenance strategies

Customers should use smart predictive maintenance practices as they search for any competitive advantage, particularly as markets see possible rebounds in 2010.

By Jonathan Davis, The ITR Company
White Papers March 12, 2010

Preventing steam trap failures

Failed traps waste fuel, reduce efficiency, increase production costs and compromise the overall integrity of the steam and condensate systems. Traps should be tested regularly, or the neglect may be quite costly.

By Bruce Gorelick, Enercheck Systems and Alan Bandes, UE Systems Inc.