Original air date November 8, 2022

The Next Step in Achieving Predictive Maintenance


Mechanical seal performance data is often the best and earliest indicator of a critical system problem, even when the seal is not the root cause. However, there are few options for monitoring mechanical seal internal performance or accurately understanding how the pump and seal interact in various operational environments.

In this webcast, Chris will discuss the best ways to address and overcome these blind spots using newly available technologies to better understand seal health data and performance. Given these possibilities, you also will learn how this kind of seal monitoring data can be correlated with pump condition data — enabling you to take system-level corrective actions before it’s too late to avoid all-too-common failures.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about new, proactive condition monitoring solutions related to mechanical seals
  • Expand your knowledge to improve plant performance and reliability with these solutions
  • Interact with an expert to better understand how to address your specific production challenges.

Presented By:
Chris Riché, IoT Product Manager – Pumps and Seals, Flowserve

Moderated By:
Chris Vavra, Web Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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