Original air date May 26, 2022

Current issues in rotating equipment maintenance

Asset modeling, monitoring, and analytics for MRO optimization


Rotating equipment is typically among the most critical for process and maintenance productivity.  Application areas include equipment used in chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, mining, and other asset intensive industries.

Modern maintenance of rotating equipment assets begins with the establishment of an asset catalog based on ISO 14224 guidelines. Relevant data includes asset criticality, failure modes and maintenance plans for structured, corrective and improvement work.

The resulting data architecture can lead to a base understanding of expected performance. Inspection technologies help us identify the current state of performance and equipment health. Inspects that detect early warning signs of likely and probable failure modes include vibration, motor current, oil analysis, temperature, and ultrasonic.

Having examined parameters and data relevant to rotating equipment the speaker will outline the role of data collection in setting the stage for analytics use to optimize performance and reliability. The resulting asset models can be embodied in a digital twin. Case studies will be shared to illustrate the modeling, monitoring, and analytics concepts presented.

Learning objectives:

  • Review ISO 14224 guidelines
  • Discuss relevant assets and failure modes
  • Explore the role of data collection in optimization and reliability
  • Learn uses of asset models and digital twins

Presented By:
Preston Johnson, Solutions Manager, Industrial IoT, CBT

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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