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Original air date May 21, 2019

Rental Units: The Solution to Planned and Unplanned Outages for HVAC and Power Generation

Ill-prepared downtime can cause much more than a small disruption, including product loss, increased risk and profit reductions. Whether it comes from planned maintenance, repair periods, overcapacity scenarios or emergency outages, downtime can be detrimental to a facility. To give you the needed resources to stay ahead, Trane experts will explain the benefits of rental services and three scenarios when rental services may be necessary. Trane knows rentals as it offers 24/7 support from an experienced equipment provider, offering a temporary, yet reliable, HVAC system to keep businesses operational during critical times. Dedicated rental experts can provide engineering support and solutions for complex jobs, quickly. Some of the Trane experts you will hear from are:

Learning objectives:

  • Review why companies need rental plans
  • See how rental plans help in certain, real-life scenarios
  • Discuss how-to and considerations when renting equipment

Presented By:
Jim Ptasznik, National Sales Leader, Trane Rental Services, Ingersoll Rand/Trane
Jack Murphy, National Account Manager Rental Services, Trane Commercial North America, Ingersoll Rand

Moderated By:
Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering

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