April 23, 2024 11AM PT | 1PM CT | 2PM ET

Motors and drives: Are you advancing automation efficiencies with smarter components, systems?

1 Certified Professional Development Hour (PDH) available upon successful completion of an exam.

A more efficient motor in automation applications can help advance efficiency goals. A smarter variable frequency drive (VFD) also can add efficiency to automated implementations. Motion-control designs can help reduce friction. Don’t overlook overall system-level design for motion-control efficiencies that can advance energy savings, sustainability efforts, maintenance and realize other benefits.

Learning objectives:

  • Calculate installed motor efficiencies and what new motors could add.
  • Explore efficiencies that VFDs will add to automated systems.
  • Look at friction and other factors affecting motion control efficiency.
  • See examples of how system-level designs advance energy savings, sustainability, maintenance and provide benefits.

Presented By:
Steven V. Scheffler, Engineering Manager, E Tech Group

Moderated By:
Tyler Wall, Associate Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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