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Original air date August 14, 2019

Make data available for fast, efficient analysis

Integration techniques support ‘sustenance’ engineering

Attendees qualify for a certificate of completion.

The processes and workflows associated with process production and discrete manufacturing generate huge amounts of data. This data, which has accumulated over extended periods of time, retains value but mostly resides in legacy formats.

How can these data resources be made available for analysis, at a time when analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence play an ever-increasing role?

Manual processing of data is cumbersome, susceptible to error and difficult to use in a cohesive manner. On the other hand, innovative, proven techniques are being applied to industrial data that delivers the sustenance needed to ensure that all that data delivers continuing value.

Better data availability and integration with data processing platforms enables speed and efficiency of analysis and evaluation. The need to enable integration has become an imperative.

While digital innovation remains key it is as important to focus on the sustenance of operational data. This data integration and accessibility project is core to the digital transformation of a wide range of production industries.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand existing data-integration environment and key challenges faced in production industry environments.
  • Explore the technologies and best practices that successfully sustain data value.
  • Learn what deliverables can support an accessible, integrated data environment.
  • Realize how sustenance engineering add value to any industrial enterprise.

Presented By:
Tushar Zope, Deputy Head, Plant Engineering Business Unit L&T Technology Services Limited

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media & Technology