Original air date September 26, 2023

Leveraging Industry Standards to Address OT Challenges

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In recent years, the industrial automation and control systems/industrial control systems/operational technology (IACS/ICS/OT) on which much of our critical infrastructure (CI) and related industries depend, have frequently become the target of cyberattacks. In part, this is a consequence of the inevitable convergence of operational technology with information technology (IT).

However, while the impact of a security breach on most IT is limited to a financial loss, the potential risk of destroying equipment, threatening national security and even endangering human life also adds to ICS/OT attacks. With this critical distinction, there also comes numerous challenges when implementing security controls in the ICS/OT environments. Selection of the security controls is one challenge, while ongoing maintenance of these controls is another. One of the greatest challenges is the selection of the right security controls compliant with ICS/OT industry regulations, standards and frameworks.

ICS/OT are complex environments, and adding inadequately designed security controls within these environments can be ineffective in achieving the security objectives and could bring numerous challenges for ICS/OT asset owners and operators. A standards-based, defense-in- depth approach can be effective in protecting and securing the most critical services and infrastructures, plus reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for security infrastructure without introducing operational complexities.

Learning objectives:

  • Challenges affecting the security of OT environments
  • Industry standard approaches to address OT cybersecurity challenges
  • Standards-based cybersecurity architecture for OT

Presented By:
Aasef Iqbal, Director of Product Management, Fortinet

Moderated By:
Gary Cohen, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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