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Original air date April 18, 2019

IIoT series, Part 1: Five ways to use cloud and IIoT to improve productivity

One (1) Certified Professional Development Hour (PDH) available for all attendees.

Technology advances are only good if it makes you better.

The industrial Internet of things makes use of at-the-process sensors, gateways, devices, actuators, and microcomputers connected by networks, wireless or otherwise, to computing systems. 

Cloud computing enables on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, provisioned and released with minimal management. 

It sounds like these two things should work together to deliver productivity benefits. In fact, they do, as follows: 

  1. Interoperability based on a) open standards or b) data translation and aggregation using middleware, to build viable production dashboards that promote operations optimization. What are the standards and technologies that apply? 
  2. Monitor and control all the tools of production. Use the data collected for condition-based or predictive maintenanceA recent survey found only 16% of industrial companies consume IIoT data in enterprise systems. How can data flow smoothly from machines to enterprise or maintenance systems? 
  3. Achieve inventory optimization based on sensors and condition-based automatic reordering routines, or real-time supply chain tracking at the item level for product status, origin, or location. Can this be done affordably? 
  4. Use IIoT to add service revenue streams to your offerings, minimize support costs, reduce customer churn, and speed time-to-market. Transition from being a product vendor to a services providerWhat security or privacy concerns apply? 
  5. Gather and analyze data from sensors embedded in products and systems to optimize how they are builtDetermine how parts fail in the field, machine usage patterns, and connect services with operations and manufacturing. What type systems can assimilate the many data types involved? 

Tune into this webinar to access presentations and panel discussions on how IIoT and Cloud are being used in the real world. 

Presented By:
Alan Griffiths, principal consultant, Cambashi
Mohamed (Mo) Abuali, Ph.D., founder and CEO, IoTco

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Senior Contributing Editor, CFE Media & Technology LLC

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