Original air date November 2, 2022

How Microsoft Bridged the Gap from Supply Chain Digitalization to Strategic Business Growth


Once Microsoft Corporation recognized the need for change within its supply chain, it immediately set out on a mission to seek further business gains instead of merely settling for operational improvements.

In a three-step journey, Microsoft Device Group, which includes the Microsoft Surface and Xbox product lines, migrated from simple connectivity of all the systems to predictive analysis and intelligent decision-making in real-time. Implementing SAP Integrated Business Planning allowed Microsoft to generate and compare various scenarios and move from a reactive to a predictive mode and to create more realistic plans to better satisfy their customers’ needs.

Join this SAP-sponsored webcast to learn about the business drivers that led Microsoft to implement SAP Integrated Business Planning and to hear about the many benefits the division has experienced ever since, including:

  • A 100% increase in products / SKUs
  • A substantial reduction in their finished goods inventory
  • Being able to plan most of their products through cloud applications and their Azure platforms
  • Being able to track real-time execution activities
  • Being able to get insights from the factory and logistics teams in real-time

You will also have the opportunity to learn about SAP’s perspective on the supply chain planning function and its importance in keeping companies resilient during times of economic volatility.

Presented By:
David Vallejo, Head of Supply Chain Planning, SAP
Dhaval Desai, Senior Director, Supply Chain, Microsoft

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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