Original air date May 10, 2022

How AI-based Asset Performance Management Fast-tracks Manufacturing Operations


In this webcast we will show a fully integrated, Industry 4.0 solution (GrandView® APM) that combines asset performance management (APM) and artificial intelligence specific to oil and gas, chemicals, pharma, electronics and industrial manufacturing sectors. Industry experts, Stewart Chalmers, Chief Business Officer at Aidentyx, and Joe Lee, VP Product Marketing, Aidentyx – the manufacturing AI analytics division of BISTelligence, will demonstrate how adopting Industry 4.0 technologies like GrandView® APM eliminates equipment downtime, extends the life of valuable assets and greatly reduces servicing costs.

Digital transformation within the manufacturing sector is still in its infancy, though adoption is picking up rapidly with the APM sector alone expected to grow at 16%+ CAGR between now and 2030. Chalmers and Lee will also explain the value of an asset data centric environment and discuss two case studies to describe how technologies like GrandView® APM solves common manufacturing obstacles and improve asset health to achieve continuous improvement.

Seamless data integration, fault detection, and predictive analytics designed for industrial environments, RUL (remaining useful life) prediction mechanism and automated workflow orders that connect with legacy systems are just some of the innovations that will be discussed during the presentation. These features are already helping industrial manufacturers yield substantial efficiencies, empowering engineers and lowering overall production costs across the ecosystem far beyond extending asset life, reducing equipment maintenance costs, and eliminating system downtime.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how Industry 4.0 technologies can maximize operational efficiencies and improve overall asset health
  • Understand real case studies with GrandView® APM and how solutions like these reduce asset downtime, extend asset life and reduce overall equipment costs
  • Explore how Industry 4.0 solutions can obtain deeper more actionable insights into the health of factory assets
  • Understand how AI solutions like GrandView® APM can integrate with factory data management systems for state-of-the-art data visualization

Presented By:
Stewart Chalmers, Chief Business Officer, Aidentyx, Manufacturing AI Analytics division of BISTelligence
Joe Lee, Vice President, Product Marketing, Aidentyx, Manufacturing AI analytics division of BISTelligence

Moderated By:
Mark Hoske, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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