Original air date July 16, 2020

Address the five risks manufacturers face in the new normal

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Join Joe Barkai, author of “The Outcome Economy” and speaker on emerging technologies and business models for manufacturing industries, as he shares his ideas on using the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst for building resilience into operations.

“The question for industrial enterprises is whether they are content to simply weather the storm and await the new normal. Instead they should adopt a mindset that prepares them for the unforeseen risks that may arise in the future,” Barkai recently said.

In addition, we’ll review some of the biggest risks already facing manufacturing enterprises at what is a key inflection point for domestic and international business.  The major risk factors to be discussed include

  • Health & safety
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Labor shortages
  • Changing demand patterns
  • Technology

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Learning objectives:

  • How the industrial landscape has changed in recent months
  • What steps are manufacturers contemplating to make up for lost ground
  • How manufacturing systems can be more resilient
  • Define what resilient manufacturing systems look like

Presented By:
Joe Barkai, Analyst and Consultant
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media & Technology

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