Original air date March 28, 2023

Five keys to successfully digitalizing your OT-data infrastructure


Maximize the success rate of your digitalization projects by addressing five operational technology (OT) data essentials in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) era. Whether you need to modernize existing OT data infrastructure or are building new infrastructure using the latest OT and information technology (IT) innovations: knowing what the key OT-data modernization issues are and how to address them will help you overcome OT-data-related cost, security, and sustainability challenges.


Topics covered in this presentation will focus on:  

  • How Data Technology (DT) bridges the IT/OT gap and helps companies implement a Unified OT Data Layer (UODL)
  • A modern (OPC UA and MQTT-based) approach to data connectivity in new and existing systems
  • Making data meaningful: why it’s mandatory and how to do it
  • Keeping enterprise-wide OT data secure
  • Ensuring you have an Edge-to-cloud connectivity solution
  • Maximizing OT-data infrastructure sustainability by making it scalable and extensible


The presentation will give attendees a good understanding of the key issues associated with OT-data infrastructure modernization using clear explanations, examples, and diagrams. Attendees will also learn why and how using DT simplifies the undertaking and maximizes returns by creating a robust, coherent Unified OT Data Layer, which is easily used across the shop floor, the enterprise and the cloud.

While there are many ways to overcome individual technical challenges, the key to building cost-effective and sustainable solutions is to do so securely, systematically and sustainably, regardless of what infrastructure you have today.

Presented By:
Darek Kominek, Sr. Consulting Manager, Matrikon

Moderated By:
Mark Hoske, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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