Original air date June 24, 2021

Digital Blind Spots: Access real-time data for agile, resilient operations


Real-time access to operational technology (OT) data enables agile and resilient business operations. The key to success for any business is staying agile and ready for whatever challenges the market presents. But to pivot in a new direction, industrial companies must first have an underlying infrastructure in place to quickly adapt their operations.

Hear how OT and information technology (IT) leaders are thinking about access to factory data more strategically, the benefits of real time data access across your organization, and how removing digital blind spots enable agile, resilient business operations.

You will hear from Anchor Glass about their forward-thinking approach to technology at both the business and product level. What they do goes beyond glass making. Their strategic focus on agility allows them to set a company standard of flawless customer experience coupled with unmatched product quality, expertly customized products.


Learning objectives:

  • Hear how OT and IT leaders are thinking more strategically about access to factory data.
  • Understand the benefits of real time data access across your organization.
  • See how Anchor Glass focus on agility creates a flawless customer experience, product quality and expertly customized products.
  • Receive recommendations about how to assess and improve use of real-time data in your organization.

Presented By:
Christina Shannon, vice president, information technology, Anchor Glass
Tom Gaudet, head of product management, PTC Kepware

Moderated By:
Mark Hoske, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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