Original air date April 25, 2019

Compressor fundamentals A to VFD

One (1) Certified Professional Development Hour (PDH) available for all attendees.

While compressed air is often called the “fourth utility” it is different from electricity, natural gas or water in that the system for generation—and management—is completely within the plant’s walls. As such, it requires a more proactive approach from plant management and maintenance teams.

While air leaks and energy management are important issues, this webcast looks at those topics from the broader view of overall system maintenance and management. The rise in the use of data management and variable frequency drives (VFDs) provide operators with greater control over how and when a compressor runs to capacity. We’ll also look how to effectively deploy multiple compressors within a plant to improve productivity.

Learning objectives:

  • An overview of how compressed air helps keep manufacturing operations running smoothly
  • Understanding how to measure and manage compressed air usage.
  • A look at VFDs and their role in both operational effectiveness and energy efficiency.
  • How to develop a plan to improve your compressed air operation

Presented By:
Joe Ghislain, Principal, Ghislain Operational Efficiency (GOE) LLC 

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