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Original air date May 30, 2019

Battling Human Error: How NFPA 70E Changes and PPE Program Best Practices Mitigate Arc Flash and Combustible Dust Hazards

Addressing human error in the risk assessment procedure has shed new light on PPE program “best practices” for both electric arc and combustible dust/flash fire hazards. Error precursors, such as complacency – a safety killer, which can lead to a “Normalization of Deviance” company culture must be countered with human performance tools. Human performance tools appear in Annex Q of NFPA 70E!  Learn how human performance tools and “best practice” PPE programs help reduce the likelihood of incident occurrence and severity of burn injury from electric arc and combustible dust /flash fire hazards and improve the company’s safety culture. 

Learning objectives:

  • Review of key PPE changes in NFPA 70E
  • Review of the new NFPA 70E risk assessment procedure
  • Review of arc flash PPE program best practices
  • Determine which “best practice” PPE program more effectively reduces risk of catastrophic burn injury.

Presented By:
Scott Francis, Technical Sales Manager, Westex by Milliken

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Senior Contributing Editor, CFE Media

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