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Maximize performance and simplify processes with Integrated Drive Systems

Air Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today, engineering managers and plant managers like you assume an ever-increasing load of responsibilities.  You manage multiple vendors for multiple components for the entire drive train.  You’re called on to review quotes, features, pitches and service agreements.  And you’re expected to conserve valuable resources by finding ways to maximize producing and operational effectiveness. 

A new approach, Integrated Drive Systems, allows you to view the drive train as a single-source purchase because it is a system that undergoes custom engineering, optimization, and analysis by the vendor to specifically match the dynamics of the driven equipment. These applications can vary in different industries and may be as varied as a pump, a crusher, a conveyor, or compressor, but the key needs for custom engineered and matched components are similar. 

Learn how this new approach can improve system performance, reliability, ROI, and also shorten installation and start-up time to lower the total cost of ownership. 

  • Bill Finley, Sr. Director of Technology, Siemens
  • Robert Punzul , Product Marketing Manager, Mechanical Drives, Siemens
  • David DePasquale, Region Director Sales & Marketing, MV Drives, Siemens
  • Mark Harshman, Principal Engineer, Medium Voltage Drives, Siemens
  • Moderator: Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering

Sponsored by Siemens.