Original air date September 19, 2018

Webcast: Five things to do with ERP in the analytics age

Wednesday, September 19, 2018, at 11 a.m. PT/1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET. Attendees qualify for a Certificate of Completion

The availability of industrial enterprise data, whether it refers to the product, the process, or the means of production, and the availability of tools sets that allow educated generalists and domain experts to apply analytics, will profoundly affect company best practices. In fact, it’s already happening.

In this webcast, we’ll discuss at least five points of fact about ERP effectiveness now, and in the coming age of analytics:

  • What type data and information, either structured or non-structured, is finding its way into the ERP system that in the past wasn’t available or considered relevant?
  • How does an analytic toolset interact with this expanded pool of data to produce actionable information?
  • What kind of information do users want and what kinds of templates support both their wishes and best practices?
  • How are industrial enterprise roles changing as decision making is supported quantitatively by means of analytics?
  • As an instance of innovation in transactional processing, how is blockchain impacting enterprise systems use?

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Senior Contributing Editor, CFE Media