Original air date June 13, 2018

Webcast: Electrical: New Standards for Designing Industrial Facilities 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at 11 a.m. PT/1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET. Attendees qualify for a Certificate of Completion

Designing electrical systems for the industrial environment is challenging. Whether it is an offshore platform, refinery, or manufacturing facility, grounding is the critical foundation of the electrical system that helps protect the safety of operators, maintenance staff, and equipment. Correct initial design, specification, and installation results in project on-time delivery and prevents costly rework.

Short-circuit protection on 3-phase power distribution cables also limits plant worker on-the-job injuries, helps maintain a safe and functioning electrical infrastructure, and minimizes collateral damage and plant downtime should a short-circuit event occur.

It is critical that the electrical system meet or exceed standards that help ensure functionality, safety, and reliability. This is easier said than done, as the standards are numerous and constantly evolving. Therefore, electrical engineers needs to be up-to-date on how to remain compliant with new electrical standards for heavy-duty industrial environments.

Learning objectives: 

  • Learn how electrical grounding and short-circuit protection should be designed and installed.
  • Understand essential grounding and cable cleat short circuit protection standards, including:
    • IEEE 837-2014: Standard for Qualifying Permanent Connections Used in Substation Grounding
    • UL 467: Grounding and Bonding Equipment
    • IEC 61914-2015: Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations.
  • Understand the latest advancements in grounding and bonding and short-circuit protection to help deliver performance, safety, and cost-efficiency:
    • Grounding (exothermic, compression)
    • Cable cleat (clamp-style and stainless-steel ties and strapping).
  • Review a best practice example for how an electrical system was specified to meet today’s critical application needs.

Presented By:
Greg Bielowicz, Business Development Manager, Panduit

Moderated By:
Emily Guenther, Consulting-Specifying Engineer and CFE Media, LLC


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