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Warehousing March 14, 2024

Mobile robots, warehouses are evolving and transforming

Interact Analysis researchers Ash Sharma and Rueben Scriven discuss why mobile robots are growing and the impact this is having on the warehouse industry. See video.

By Chris Vavra
Warehousing March 12, 2024

Five phases to developing a successful warehouse automation plan

A successful warehouse automation plan must have worker buy-in, a thorough plan and strong implementation and support.

By Chris Vavra
Warehousing March 6, 2024

AI model developed to streamline robotic warehouse operations

A deep-learning technique developed by MIT researchers identifies the optimal areas for thinning out traffic in a warehouse by breaking the problem into smaller chunks.

By Adam Zewe
Warehousing January 22, 2024

Why Western warehouse vendors are struggling in China

Western warehousing vendors are struggling in China and the reasons for that include not understanding the country's market structure.

By Irene Zhang
Warehousing December 1, 2023

How the warehouse automation industry structure is changing and primed for disruption

Warehouses are shifting toward more modular, configurable and standardized systems, which will have a major impact on the industry’s value chain in many ways.

By Rueben Scriven
Warehousing November 3, 2023

Warehouse industry may adopt humanoid robot workers

Warehousing offers the perfect combination of repetitiveness and menial work for humanoid robot workers, which are being tested.

By Ash Sharma
Warehousing October 17, 2023

Three warehouse automation sector growth markets

The global warehouse automation market has contracted, but three segments of the market are seeing significant growth.

By Rueben Scriven
Warehousing August 24, 2023

Chinese warehouse automation market projected to have double-digit growth in next 5 years

Interact Analysis projects the Chinese warehouse automation market will show strong growth over the next five years as companies look to optimize efficiency.

By Interact Analysis
Warehousing August 16, 2023

Decanting and mixed load depalletizing for warehousing applications

Today’s systems integrate with leading-edge AI software and next-generation machine vision for autonomous, accurate product handling.

By Craig Salvalaggio
Warehousing August 8, 2023

5 strategies for improving warehouse automation software profitability

Warehouse automation software is playing a critical role in manufacturing operations as they look to become more efficient. Five strategies are highlighted on improving profitability.

By Rueben Scriven
Warehousing July 31, 2023

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: July 24-30, 2023

The top 5 Plant Engineering content from the past week covered warehouse construction, Product of the Year winners, machine maintenance efficiency and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Warehousing July 28, 2023

Warehouse construction and automation’s future looking brighter

The warehouse construction industry had a correction due to COVID-19 and the shifting landscape, but the future looks brighter for the industry.

By Rueben Scriven
Warehousing July 24, 2023

Warehouse construction recovery expected in 2024

After a downturn in 2023, warehouse construction is expected to rebound in 2024 and beyond according to Interact Analysis research.

By Interact Analysis
Warehousing July 20, 2023

Warehousing construction demand declines in 2023

Warehouse construction declined in North America and Europe in 2023 by 25%, but the slowdown is expected to be short-lived according to Interact Analysis.

By Interact Analysis
Warehousing June 3, 2023

Warehouse construction, automation and mobile robot industry forecast

Mobile robots are projected to grow which highlights the need for continuous monitoring and adaptation to changing market conditions.

By Ash Sharma
Warehousing May 30, 2023

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: May 22-28, 2023

The top 5 Plant Engineering content from the past week covered cold storage warehouses, robots and efficiency, oil sampling and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Warehousing May 16, 2023

More than a quarter of warehouses to be automated by 2027

A report by Interact Analysis indicates more than a quarter (26%) of warehouses are expected to be automated by 2027, which is up by more than 10% from a decade earlier.

By Rueben Scriven
Warehousing May 4, 2023

Advanced expertise required to execute complex cold storage warehouses

Industry demand fuels increased innovation in construction, design and systems for cold storage facilities.

By Ryan Deter and Jyot Parmar
Warehousing April 24, 2023

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: April 17-23, 2023

The top 5 Plant Engineering content from the past week covered warehouse construction, oil and gas emissions, digitalization success and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Warehousing April 14, 2023

Warehouse construction future down due to poor economic climate

Warehouses added to the global building stock in 2023 is down 35% compared with 2022 as companies are focusing more on automating current assets rather than building new ones.

By Interact Analysis
Warehousing October 20, 2022

Digi-Key’s mammoth product distribution center supports steep bookings growth

The 2.2 million square foot facility incorporates densely packed storage and goods-to-person order preparation

By Kevin Parker
Warehousing July 22, 2022

Machine vision, automation streamline logistics and warehousing operations

Machine vision and automation advancements are improving logistics and warehousing operations by taking advantage of developments with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), deep learning and more.

By John Lewis
Warehousing June 3, 2022

Providing data warehousing with advanced analytics

With the use of advanced data analytics a reality, manufacturers are paying close attention to their data collection and storage capabilities.

By Bayard Leach
Warehousing May 17, 2022

On-demand warehousing’s potential for supply chains

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute research shows that innovative business models that tap into extra warehouse space can be a potential solution for companies with changing demand requirements or tight fulfillment windows.

By Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Warehousing May 2, 2022

Five ways material handling equipment impacts warehouse efficiency

Having the right technology and a safe and smart workplace with competitive wages helps with labor shortages.

By Luke Goodwin
Warehousing April 6, 2022

Optimize warehouse logistics with AMRs

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can improve warehouse logistics with shorter lead times, increased flexibility and more.

By FlexQube
Warehousing March 30, 2022

Six ways to improve productivity with automated material handling systems

Manufacturers and warehouse owners will need to expand to meet demand of increased consumer spending in a post-pandemic world. Six ways to improve productivity with automated material handling systems are highlighted.

By Brendon Turner
Warehousing March 25, 2022

Logistics 4.0 and the mobile industrial robot

Logistics 4.0 refers to the application of digitalization to create cyber-physical solutions and gain real-time control. Mobile industrial robots can help play a large role in that process.

By Brendon Turner
Warehousing January 28, 2022

United Kingdom expected to lead warehouse automation market

Warehouse automation has grown thanks to a seemingly permanent spike in e-commerce and an ongoing labor shortage that has led to ballooning labor costs.

By Ash Sharma
Warehousing January 20, 2022

Five ways AGVs provide value to supply chains

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can improve supply chain productivity, capacity and safety by taking over repetitive tasks and streamlining certain aspects.

By Luke Goodwin
Warehousing October 14, 2021

More than 50,000 factories to have mobile robots by end of 2025

By 2025, mobile robot deployments will have increased to over 53,000 sites according to an Interact Analysis report.

By Ash Sharma
Warehousing August 15, 2021

Choosing the right robot for warehousing, manufacturing operations

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and static robots have different needs and abilities. Knowing the difference is critical to understand which choice will be the best fit.

By Jeff Huerta
Warehousing August 6, 2021

On-site presence is key for warehouse automation systems

More than $4 billion was generated by OEMs and system integrators and the on-site presence was a large chunk of it.

By Jason Depreaux
Warehousing May 27, 2021

Specifying systems in manufacturing, warehouse buildings

Warehouse, manufacturing and logistics facilities need engineering experts to specify various systems

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Warehousing May 24, 2021

Developing a warehouse and supply chain strategy

For good or bad, our COVID-19 crisis shows the global impact of supply chain and warehouse protocols.

By Daniel Penn Associates
Warehousing April 16, 2021

Robots help streamline warehouse operations

Warehousing industry has huge automation potential, and artificial intelligence-driven robotics technologies are helping with labor shortages, rapid online sales growth, and greater demands for faster deliveries, according to a ProMatDX 2021 session. See 7 reasons for AI-enabled intralogistics robots.

By Mark T. Hoske
Warehousing March 23, 2021

Robots staying on track in automated warehouses

A team of USC Viterbi and Shanghai University of Finance and Engineering researchers developed technology that helps robots navigate automated warehouses.

By Greta Harrison

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