Supply Chain

Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated/Steve Rourke, CFE Media and Technology
Supply Chain December 26, 2021

Wearable technology can combat supply chain disruptions

Wearable technology will make the human worker more valuable in the long run

By Axel Schmidt
Anna Stefanopoulou, the William Clay Ford Professor of Technology, and Andrew Weng, a PhD student in mechanical engineering, identify an early-life diagnostic signal that predicts the impact of the formation protocols on battery life without needing cycle life testing.
Supply Chain November 9, 2021

Predicting how changes in production and materials impact EV battery life

As battery makers race to keep up with demand, a quick and inexpensive step can save money and time in development.

By James Lynch
Cost breakdown of a 10,000 palled AS/RS
Supply Chain October 25, 2021

Steel shortages and price rises impact warehouse automation sector

Pressure particularly hits on the market for fixed infrastructure solutions where steel can account for up to 83% of the overall cost

By Rueben Scriven
Supply Chain February 12, 2021

LOE’s sea change to real-time visibility

Lease operating expense is a key operational parameter

By Andrew Bruce and Alan Carnrite
Supply Chain September 25, 2019

Three strategies to optimize project satisfaction

Expediting decisions and increased collaboration can improve project satisfaction for integrated project delivery.

By Corey Zachel, PE, LEED AP, BD+C
Supply Chain August 1, 2019

Five strategies to effectively manage and execute automation projects

Automation projects come with many challenges that seem daunting because of their complexity. Learn about six common automation project management challenges and learn about five tips to overcome them including planning ahead and leveraging available technology on the plant floor.

By Lee Swindler
Supply Chain September 19, 2018

Largest modular cryogenic gas processing plant introduced

Honeywell announced its UOP Russell business has introduced a high-recovery cryogenic gas processing plant that is 50% larger than other pre-engineered plants currently available and is designed to recover more than 99% of high-value ethane from natural gas.

By Honeywell UOP
Supply Chain September 17, 2018

Record revenues expected from Russia’s upstream oil and gas sector

Russia is set to reap record ruble revenues from the upstream oil and gas sector over the next six years thanks to tax changes and production growth.

By GlobalData
Supply Chain September 5, 2018

North America to lead global crude oil pipeline additions

GlobalData reports that North America is forecast to add the highest trunk pipeline length to the global crude oil pipelines industry with 44% of global planned additions by 2022.

By GlobalData
Supply Chain August 8, 2018

Crude oil prices expected to decrease from recent highs

The EIA reports that oil prices are expected to drop from recent highs by the end of 2018 due to higher production from OPEC and Russia.