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Additive Manufacturing May 20, 2024

Technique improves finishing time for 3D printed machine parts

North Carolina State University researchers have demonstrated a technique that allows 3D printing technologies to conduct automated quality control during the finishing process.

By Matt Shipman
Additive Manufacturing April 18, 2024

3D printer able to operate with unknown materials

MIT researchers are working on making 3D printing more sustainable by enabling printing with renewable or recyclable materials that are difficult to characterize.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing April 11, 2024

TSN benefits for additive manufacturing operations

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) can help additive manufacturers (AM) combine high-speed precision operations with networking and advanced systems.

By Thomas Burke
Additive Manufacturing March 11, 2024

3D-printed electromagnets at the heart of many developed electronics

The printed solenoids by MIT researchers could enable electronics that cost less and are easier to manufacture.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing February 15, 2024

Researchers develop method to print tiny metal structures with light

Georgia Tech researchers developed a light-based means of printing nano-sized metal structures that is 480 times faster and 35 times cheaper than the current conventional method.

By Catherine Barzler
Additive Manufacturing February 13, 2024

Researchers demonstrate rapid 3D printing with liquid metal

MIT researchers have developed an additive manufacturing technique that can print rapidly with liquid metal. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing February 2, 2024

Laser innovations using nanomanufacturing have quantum, sensing applications

Laser innovations that achieve ultrafine-scale and 3D manipulation have applications in consumer devices, aerospace, sensing and quantum information.

By Steve Martin
Additive Manufacturing January 4, 2024

Portable mass spectrometer created with 3D-printed components

Miniaturized mass filters are a key step toward portable mass spectrometers that could identify unknown chemicals in remote settings.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing October 9, 2023

Nanoscale 3D printing metal technique offers benefits

Caltech researchers have developed a fabrication technique for printing microsized metal parts containing features that are 150 nm.

By Emily Velasco
Additive Manufacturing September 27, 2023

AI-driven tool makes it easy to personalize 3D-printable models

Researchers have developed Style2Fab, which allows makers to rapidly customize models of 3D-printable objects without hampering their functionality. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing August 15, 2023

Researcher receives grant to develop 3D printable robots for search-and-rescue operations

A Worcester Polytechnical Institute researchers received an NSF grant to developed 3D-printed robots that swim, crawl, climb and dive for search-and-rescue operations.

By Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Additive Manufacturing July 14, 2023

Highly conductive metallic gel for 3D printing created

North Carolina State University researchers have developed a metallic gel that is highly electrically conductive and can be used to print 3D solid objects at room temperature. See video.

By Matt Shipman
Additive Manufacturing May 11, 2023

Researchers 3D print a miniature vacuum pump

The device would be a key component of a portable mass spectrometer that could help monitor pollutants, perform medical diagnoses in remote areas.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing May 5, 2023

How additive manufacturers are improving efficiency, sustainability for the future

Additive manufacturers are expanding and enhancing their reach beyond the printing concept and leveraging their expertise and the potential digital technologies provide.

By Chris Vavra
Additive Manufacturing April 11, 2023

Technique uses humidity to make 3D printing faster, more efficient

Researchers have devised a technique that uses humidity to make 3D printing faster and more efficient for small and complex structures.

By University of Missouri
Additive Manufacturing February 9, 2023

The role of additive manufacturing in the factory of the future

With its ability to create complex shapes and highly customized products, additive manufacturing could revolutionize the way we make things.

By David Spergel
Additive Manufacturing November 13, 2022

New tech solves longstanding challenges for self-healing materials

The latest technology resolves two longstanding challenges for self-healing materials and extend the lifespan of structural components.

By Matt Shipman
Additive Manufacturing October 23, 2022

3D-printed alloys form nanostructures

Researchers achieved the 3D-printed, nanostructured high-entropy alloys that display both high strength and ductility for the first time.

By Michelle Revels
Additive Manufacturing September 22, 2022

Additive manufacturing impacts sustainability, innovation

Additive manufacturing (AM) is being utilized to drive the future of sustainable technology forward and encouraging innovation. Six indirect impacts and two direct impacts are highlighted.

By Morgan Green
Additive Manufacturing September 2, 2022

Programmable materials that sense movements developed

A method for 3D printing materials with tunable mechanical properties that sense how they are moving and interacting with the environment has been developed.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing August 28, 2022

Inks for 3D-printable wearable bioelectronics designed

A class of biomaterial ink has been developed that mimics native characteristics of highly conductive human tissue, much like skin, which are essential for the ink to be used in 3D printing.

By Alleynah Veatch Cofas
Additive Manufacturing August 14, 2022

Researchers 3D-print strong, ductile nanostructured alloy

Researchers have 3D printed a dual-phase, nanostructured high-entropy alloy that exceeds the strength and ductility of other additively manufactured materials.

By Melinda Rose
Additive Manufacturing August 2, 2022

Researchers develop faster, more precise 3D-printing process

Multiplexed fused filament fabrication (MF3) is a faster, more precise 3D-printing technique developed by Rutgers University researchers.

By Greg Bruno
Additive Manufacturing July 7, 2022

Motion control helps keep 3D printing equipment in line

The success of additive manufacturing technology is often measured by the efficiency and reliability of the controls.

By Paxton Shantz
Additive Manufacturing June 6, 2022

Software that doubles 3D printing speeds

Ulendo's software solution for printing parts compensates for vibrations without slowing down.

By Kate McAlpine
Additive Manufacturing June 3, 2022

Developing a better way to do 3D printing

Engineers at Stanford and Harvard have laid the groundwork for a new 3D printing system that doesn’t require an object be printed from the bottom up.

By Laura Castañón
Additive Manufacturing May 28, 2022

3D-printing robot can make construction more sustainable

Cornell researchers have developed an industrial robot capable of 3D printing large-scale structures that could make the construction industry more efficient and sustainable.

By David Nutt
Additive Manufacturing May 20, 2022

Researchers develop 3D-printed shape memory alloys with superior superelasticity

Researchers from Texas A&M University showcased tensile superelasticity by fabricating a shape memory alloy through laser powder bed fusion.

By Michelle Revels
Additive Manufacturing May 11, 2022

First X-ray look at electron beam 3D-printing process

To study the electron beam powder bed fusion process, a team is using synchrotron X-ray imaging, diffraction with complementary thermal and visible light imaging.

By Renee Meiller
Additive Manufacturing April 29, 2022

Metal additive manufacturing projected to reach $18 billion by 2032

IDTechEx's report finds the metal additive manufacturing market will recover from COVID-19 and hit $18.5 billion by 2032.

By Sona Dadhania
Additive Manufacturing April 27, 2022

3D-printing a robot from scratch

New 3D-printing approach melds solids, liquids

By Daniel Strain
Additive Manufacturing April 18, 2022

Smarter 3D printing makes better parts faster

University of Michigan researchers have found software for powder bed fusion printers optimizes laser's printing path. See video.

By Evan Dougherty
Additive Manufacturing April 8, 2022

Additive manufacturing used to make space flight components

Aerojet Rocketdyne is using metal 3D printing technology from Velo3D to make a critical flight component lighter, smaller and cheaper than its predecessors.

By Velo3D
Additive Manufacturing April 5, 2022

Additive manufacturing used for stronger structural sandwich materials

Southern Illinois University researchers are working to improve the ultra-strong “sandwich” materials by using additive manufacturing.

By Tim Crosby
Additive Manufacturing March 17, 2022

Technique developed for manufacturing 3D nanostructured surfaces

This project will develop a manufacturing process that enables multifunctional nanostructured surfaces to be more cost efficient.

By Steve Kuhlmann
Additive Manufacturing March 11, 2022

Framework established to diagnose 3D-printing errors

The impact of errors can now be identified in real time, which means correcting the errors during the 3D-printing process is that much closer.

By Sarah Small
Additive Manufacturing March 8, 2022

Method developed to reduce additive manufacturing flaws

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers are using an additive manufacturing technique called laser powder bed fusion to produce metal parts that have fewer defects.

By Adam Malecek
Additive Manufacturing December 3, 2021

3D concrete printing system tested

A 3D concrete printing system is a cleaner, more cost efficient way to create anchors as opposed to continued use of steel anchors

By Steve Martin
Additive Manufacturing November 10, 2021

How defects can strengthen 3D-printed material

Cornell University researchers have found improving 3D-printed metal by introducing more defects into the printing process results in a stronger, more ductile metal product.

By David Nutt
Additive Manufacturing November 2, 2021

Ceramic 3D printing materials expanding

The materials available for ceramic additive manufacturing are diverse, but ripe for further innovation and offerings.

By IDTechEx
Additive Manufacturing October 8, 2021

Tweaking alloy microchemistry for flawless metal 3D printing

Texas A&M researchers have developed a method that optimizes alloy properties and process parameters to create superior 3D-printed metal parts.

By Vandana Suresh
Additive Manufacturing September 23, 2021

Model advances incorporating 3D printing into supply chains

Researchers from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and North Carolina State University developed a model to help determine how to incorporate additive manufacturing (AM) technologies into spare part supply chains.

By Matt Shipman
Additive Manufacturing September 15, 2021

3D-printed objects that sense user interactivity

MIT researchers are integrating sensing capabilities into 3D printable structures comprised of repetitive cells, which enables designers to rapidly prototype interactive input devices. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing August 24, 2021

Hybrid additive manufacturing in the factory of the future

Balancing additive and subtractive manufacturing might be the key to new efficiencies

By Lynne Peskoe-Yang
Additive Manufacturing July 30, 2021

Robotic 3D manufacturing providing greater flexibility

Robots are going in new directions thanks to additive manufacturing (AM), which is letting them tackle complex geometries in cutting and collaborating with humans to improve efficiencies in composite layup.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Additive Manufacturing July 20, 2021

Inventory company acquires additive manufacturer

Würth Additive Group signs agreement with Markforged.

By Wurth Industry North America
Additive Manufacturing July 12, 2021

Automated 3D printing: Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing uses sophisticated motion controls and moves seamlessly from design to manufacturing; 3D printing with metal progresses.

By Mark T. Hoske
Additive Manufacturing July 10, 2021

Additive manufacturing without a 3D printer: Impossible parts

Advanced motion controls, real-time sensing and monitoring, and quality assurance add value to additive manufacturing (3D printing) machines that use metals and can cost well over $1 million, and available through contract manufacturers.

By Mark T. Hoske
Additive Manufacturing July 9, 2021

Cummins integrates metal 3D printed production

More additive manufacturing is expected, lower costs, higher speeds with 20 part numbers available. Depending on the complexity of the part, the technology can print 60 to 100 times faster than other laser-based printing processes, allowing high-volume production.

By Mark T. Hoske
Additive Manufacturing July 8, 2021

Six sigma principles could improve additive manufacturing quality control

Utilizing six sigma principles, team of university researchers and standards groups are working on finding ways to set standards for quality control when it comes to additive manufacturing.

By Miranda Buckheit
Additive Manufacturing July 8, 2021

Nissan accelerates assembly, lowers costs with 3D printing

Additive manufacturing uses sophisticated motion controls and moves from seamlessly from design to manufacturing; 3D printing with metal continues to progress.

By Mark T. Hoske
Additive Manufacturing May 21, 2021

3D-printed jelly developed for biomedical, soft robotics

3D-printable gels with improved and highly controlled properties can be created by merging micro- and nano-sized networks of the same materials harnessed, which could benefit biomedical and soft robotics applications.

By Mick Kulikowski
Additive Manufacturing May 14, 2021

Additive manufacturing to be showcased at lubrication conference

Tribologists and lubrication experts to gather online for STLE’s virtual annual meeting & exhibition.

By Michael Khonsari, Min Zou, Robert Jackson
Additive Manufacturing May 7, 2021

Direct laser writing method leads to advanced printing

Northwestern Engineering researchers have developed a lens produced by electromagnetic methods that allows researchers to print structures on challenging surfaces.

By Brian Sandalow
Additive Manufacturing April 16, 2021

Tackle obsolescence with additive manufacturing

3D printed spare parts are a revolutionary force

By Claudia Jarrett
Additive Manufacturing April 15, 2021

How a moving 3D printing platform cuts waste, costs

Researchers at USC Viterbi have developed a unique low-cost dynamically-controlled surface for 3D printers that reduces waste and saves time. See video.

By Greta Harrison
Additive Manufacturing March 31, 2021

Additive manufacturing growth driven by global challenges

Changes in manufacturing due to COVID-19 and innovation are giving the additive manufacturing a major boost and will continue to do so for several years.

By ARC Advisory Group

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