Robot inspects pipes Rovver 600 steerable robotic inspection crawler visually inspects long, horizontal distances through pipes or hazardous areas. At 12-in.


Robot inspects pipes

Rovver 600 steerable robotic inspection crawler visually inspects long, horizontal distances through pipes or hazardous areas. At 12-in. long, it is compact yet packs the power to inspect through restricted pipes, large offsets, and protruding pipe tabs. It can inspect pipes from 6-in. dia at distances up to 600 ft.

Everest VIT, Inc.

Circle 371


Miniature pressure switches are sealed

Ashcroft A-Series miniature pressure switches are available in brass or stainless steel, factory set or field adjustable, and with many standard and electrical connections. The sealed switch provides contact protection when equipment is washed down or subject to frequent changes in temperature. There is a choice of a diaphragm-sealed piston or direct piston actuation.

Dresser Instrument

Circle 372


Clamp meter has multiple uses

The 200-amp 700 Series can be used as a tester, multimeter, or clamp meter. Used as a tester it offers an innovative, noncontact voltage sensor on its tip to indicate the presence of 50-600 Vac without the use of leads. Employed as a clamp meter, the handy teardrop design makes it easy to separate wire bundles and clamp onto a single wire.

Ideal Industries, Inc.

Circle 373


Workboot features improved design

Generation 2000 PVC workboot has advanced sole features that provide greater surface contact, increased stability, and comfort. The lowered toe spring distributes weight better, reducing back stress. The sole features a ribbed design, making it slip-resistant and reducing the risk of hydroplaning on wet surfaces. Sole tread patterns channel out debris and increase traction.

Bata Shoe Co., Inc.

Circle 374


Axial blower is explosionproof

AC axial blower offers a UL/CSA listed, explosionproof motor. This single-phase motor includes a NEMA rated 115-V plug for use with the supplied explosionproof socket. The blower meets Class I, Divisions I and II, Groups C and D and Class II, Divisions I and II, Groups E, F, and G Hazardous Requirements. Free air rating is 1275 cfm.

Allegro Industries

Circle 375


Chafe guard protects hoses

Heli-Tube spirally cut abrasion protector is an expandable, UV-resistant, polyethylene tubing which bundles and prevents air and gas hose failures caused by rubbing, sparks, or excessive exposure to sunlight. Available in sizes from 1/8-11/4-in. OD, it applies like tape around single or multiple hoses up to a bundle of 10-in. dia, remains flexible, and is unaffected by many fluids.

M.M. Newman Corp.

Circle 376


Motors provide precise torque

DMI dc motors feature laminated construction and a 40-700-hp range. They are used for precise motor control in applications that require constant speed control. The motors provide extremely high power and torque through the entire speed range in a small frame size.

ABB Automation, Inc.

Circle 377


Camera records thermal data

ThermaCAM PM 695 is a thermal imaging camera for automated infrared inspection. The camera records and stores temperature analysis data and voice and text comments together with thermal and visual images. .

FLIR Systems

Circle 378


Solenoid valves use low power

Intrinsically safe product series of three and four-way valves operate at ultra-low power levels as low as 1.4 mA. This feature allows the valve to be directly controlled by bus systems, including Foundation Fieldbus. At the heart of the valve is a piezo device. This series is standard with a manual operator and is rated for 50-micron particulate air quality to 150 psi.

Automatic Switch Co.

Circle 379


Vacuum pump filter removes heavy particulates

VisiFlow portable vacuum pump oil filtration system is housed within a tray with a positive displacement gear pump for removing acids, alkalis, water, oil, particulates, and other corrosives and contaminants caused by reactive processes. The prefilter assembly is available with a 2 or 5

MV Products

Div. of Mass-Vac, Inc.

Circle 380


Bus station has networking efficiency

The piconet is a miniaturized bus station developed for smaller applications. It delivers fieldbus networking efficiency to small, high-tech production lines and other space-limited applications. The compact module detects and processes discrete and analog signals with functionality equal to that of larger stations. It supports all major open fieldbus protocols.

Interlink BT, LLC

Circle 381


Radio modem has RS-232 connection

Model IC-100MES is a networked radio modem with an internal NiMh battery. It enhances portable data collection in real time applications, including industrial weighing, and crane controls. The radio can operate inside a large building without repeaters. The device uses 16-bit error detection and correction techniques to guarantee data integrity. An RS-232 interface adapts easily to a PC.

Monicor Electronic Corp.

Circle 382


Device detects oxygen deficiencies

TS420 monitors and detects oxygen depletion continuously in tightly confined spaces. Featuring an electrochemical cell sensing unit, a two-wire, loop-powered design, and adjustment-free calibration, the detector delivers highly reliable protection. A liquid crystal display shows status, fault, and calibration cues.

General Monitors

Circle 383


Welding helmet is breathable

The 9000 welding helmet features aerodynamically designed exhaust vents to expel carbon dioxide and lower heat and humidity. The welder's natural breathing action directs exhaled air out of the helmet through four vents, which lead to two thin, recessed openings on each side. Fresh, incoming air is not drawn through the vents; instead it chooses the path of least resistance in the area around the welder's neck, which is typically away from smoke.

Hornell Speedglas, Inc.

Circle 384


Ball valve has four flow patterns

Cross port ball valve is a three-way unit that permits multiple flow patterns because of crossed flow corridors within the ball. By simply turning the handle to four different positions, operators can instantly change the flow pattern. The valve is available in sizes from 1/2-2 in. and is manufactured from PVC, CPVC, PP, and PVDF.

Asahi/America, Inc.

Circle 385


Light/reel combo works in close quarters

SideKick interrogator flat lyte & reel combination is a cool operating, energy efficient, portable fluorescent light for use in close or confined areas. Hooks at each end provide convenient overhead hanging. The reel holds 50 ft of 16/3 gauge cord.

Crescent/Stonco Div.

Circle 386


Monitoring compressed air filters saves energy

Filter monitor audits compressed air filters for energy savings by determining the optimal time for element replacement. Through microprocessor monitoring, particulate loading of filter elements is continuously audited based on instantaneous and average daily pressure drop measurements. Sixty days advance notice is given for optimal filter replacement.

Hankison Intl.

Circle 387


Get breathable air from compressed air

Air breathing system provides Grade D breathable air by removing undesirable contaminants from compressed air and efficiently reduces the level of hydrocarbon vapors, tastes, and odors well below OSHA limits. The Model 50 Series consists of an extractor/dryer filter, charcoal absorption element, final particulate filter, CO monitor, and audible and visual alarm and regulator.

La-Man Corp.

Circle 388


Economical flowmeters have wide range

Series 200 universal flowmeters combine the precision of a turbine flowmeter with the economics of injection molding to produce a durable, corrosion and temperature-resistant design. The units have a flow range from 0.0026-42.24 gpm and the ability to handle corrosive materials. The flowmeters are equipped with two types of pickoffs and NPT or hosebarb fittings.

Schutte & Koerting

Circle 389


Pressure transmitter acts liquid-filled

Duratran Plus! pressure transmitter is a lower-priced alternative to liquid-filled versions. It delivers long life in high vibration and pulsation applications. The unit combines reliable local indication that functions without external power with a stable, self-contained 4-20-mA transmitter. Accuracy is

Dresser Instrument

Circle 390


Split seals save drive removal

EAS externally-adjustable split seals offer complete containment of dry powders, pastes, slurries, corrosives, solvents, and gases. The concept is based on a driving elastomer, and there are no fixed-load springs to fail. Seal face pressures are fully adjustable with no disassembly, often while the equipment is operating. The elastomer allows the seal to accommodate significant radial and angular misalignment.

Woodex Bearing Co., Inc.

Circle 391


Monitor detects transformer faults

Partial discharge monitor detects faults developing inside high-voltage transformers before they lead to problems that can prematurely retire the units. Aging components, mechanical malfunction, or overloading may cause these faults. The monitor uses up to four ultrasonic and radio frequency sensors housed in special heads to monitor disruptions.

Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.

Circle 392


Electronic access control system is intuitive

Sapphire Series is the security industry's first-ever intuitive and fully integrated system. The system employs familiar internet browser interface technology along with a unique auto configuration feature for simple installation and operation. A key component of the security system is the foolproof auto configuration tool. With the click of a mouse, users can detect all devices connected to the system.

InfoGraphic Systems

Circle 393


Linings protect structures in concrete

Anchor-Lok lining systems incorporate anchoring and connections which provide an integral corrosion and abrasion-resistant thermoplastic lining for protecting concrete structures.

Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc.

Circle 394


Vertical lift module has high capacity

Model 75 MegaLift vertical lift module is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, extraction platform, and computerized pushbutton controls. It is used for high throughput and productivity in automated storage and retrieval of tooling, molds, dies, and fixtures.

Remstar Intl., Inc.

Circle 395


Steam trap monitor uses radio waves

SteamEye trap monitoring system uses radio waves to transmit valuable data. The radio-frequency monitoring system gathers performance information from up to 2000 steam traps simultaneously. The system consists of a transmitter threaded into the base of the trap, repeater, receiver, and personal computer.

Armstrong Intl., Inc.

Circle 396


Valve control eliminates internal trims

Type 8630/31 fully integrated top control head unit provides decentralized, intelligent valve process control. With seven different, built-in flow characteristics (three fast opening, one linear, and three equal percentage), and the ability to follow any flow curve, the need for various internal valve trims is eliminated. Set point adjustment can be done externally or at the valve.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.

Circle 397


Compact transporter is battery powered

Ergo-Tranz is a simple-to-use, battery powered lift/transporter that works in confined spaces and narrow aisles. The lightweight, solid aluminum unit offers effortless mobility with loads up to 450 lb. A single column mast provides clear operator view and smooth, precise, powered lift height adjustment.

Ergo Tech, Inc.

Circle 398


Remove deposits from tubes fast

RAM-6 Ream-A-Matic tube cleaner features a 11/2-hp, variable speed drive motor, optional cleaning injection system, and power flush of up to 500 psi at 2.2 gpm. The cleaner removes both soft and hard deposits from smooth bore and internally enhanced tubes from 1/4-1-in. ID.

Goodway Technologies Corp.

Circle 399


Monitor detects fume hood velocity

Model 8612 EverWatch is a cost-effective, easy-to-use product to monitor fume hood face velocity. Using a sidewall sensor calibrated to a fume hood's unique flow characteristics, the unit provides an accurate and reliable face velocity measurement.

TSI, Inc.

Circle 400


Calibrator is accurate and compact

CA100 is a portable instrument for onsite use in diagnosing equipment. It can generate a dc voltage, dc current, resistance, temperature (thermocouple and resistance), and frequency. With high accuracy, it can calibrate transmitters and converters of 0.1% accuracy. A 24-Vdc power supply provides a handy energy source for transmitters.

Omega Engineering

Circle 401

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