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The recent IFPE 2000 show in Chicago, IL, served as an introduction for a number of new fluid, mechanical, and electrical power transmission products. Here is a sampling of some of the products making their debut at the show.


The recent IFPE 2000 show in Chicago, IL, served as an introduction for a number of new fluid, mechanical, and electrical power transmission products. Here is a sampling of some of the products making their debut at the show.

Coupling improves air tool performance

RF Series coupling increases pneumatic tool performance and reduces overall compressed air costs. A newly designed valve with an increased nipple bore allows a higher flow and lower pressure drop through the coupling. Users also benefit from extended compressor and tool life and maintenance savings through reduced tool repairs required due to air starvation.

Parker Hannifin Corp.

Quick Coupling Div.

Circle 371


Hose crimper is portable

DE30 hose crimper withstands frequent use in fabricating a variety of hose assemblies in the shop or at a job site. Features include an easy-to-use manual gauging mechanism for increased accuracy, four strain rods for greater precision and durability, and lightweight bottom plates. It can crimp 1-1/4-in. ID, 2-wire braid hose and 1-in. ID, 4-spiral hose with optional die set and pusher.

Dayco Industrial Div.

Circle 372


Filter fits tight spaces

MiniMiser tank-mounted filter for small-to-medium applications is used where contamination control and space limitations are important. The filter provides a compact alternative to spin-on filters. The compact design minimizes space requirements yet can handle flows to 35 gpm and pressures to 80 psi. It features a lightweight design, easy installation, and low maintenance.

Schroeder Industries

Circle 373


Belt replaces chain drive

Poly Chain GT2 is a synchronous belt suited for low speed (below 500 rpm), high torque applications normally using roller chain. The belt features a polyurethane body with an aramid fiber tensile cord and nylon tooth facing. It transmits up to 30% more power than its predecessor. Drives using this belt require no lubrication or maintenance and can outlast roller chain 3 to 1.

The Gates Rubber Co.

Circle 374


Filter designed for kidney loop circuits

Model HFK08-0087 kidney loop filter has a flow range of 50 gpm, working pressure of 350 psi, and burst pressure of 500 psi. The 31-in. high unit has an 11/4-in. SAE O-ring port and visual and electric filter service indicators. The replaceable cartridge is made with synthetic filter media specially designed for liquid filtration.

Donaldson Co.

Circle 375


Shock absorbers increase capacity, not size

Magnum Group mid-range shock absorbers offer up to 3.9 times the effective weight capacity of standard models without increasing size or cost. The units, which include adjustable and self-compensating models, have energy ratings from 1350-54,000 in.-lb/cycle.

ACE Controls, Inc.

Circle 376


Projectile cleans hose ID fast

Ultra Clean foam projectile eliminates the need for an operator to use more than one type of projectile to effectively clean a crimped hose assembly. The projectile strips out internal contamination or residue as it travels through the hose, around bends, and through couplings. A gun-like launcher powers the projectile through the hose in seconds.

Compri Technic, Inc.

Circle 377


Software controls vector/servo drives

Preset positions feature on 18H vector control and 23H servo control can be used to program up to 15 preset position moves. These actions can include eight incremental moves, six absolute moves, and a home orient position. The moves are easily commanded from the control's terminal strip. Move positions are entered using a 32-character keypad.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 378


Bundle wires easily

Velcro-on-a-roll is a fast and efficient way to organize a wiring system. It makes grouping and securing cables easy and allows the length of Velcro to be cut and adjusted to fit each individual bundle of wires. Each tie can be easily removed and cables changed as necessary, creating a neat installation. Each roll contains 20 ft of Velcro ties.

Cablofil, Inc.

Circle 379


Cabinet cooler is nonhazardous

Nonhazardous cabinet cooler keeps dirt, smoke, and water out of electrical enclosures while purging them with clean, 20-F air. The inside of the cabinet stays clean and contaminant free. The cooler uses a vortex tube to convert compressed air into cold air without using refrigerants. The system uses 1 scfm of air.

Exair Corp.

Circle 380


Control dims HID lamps

Dual-level lighting system for 175-400-W high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps can be used in retrofitting existing warehouse fixtures, eliminating the need to change out an entire system. Consisting of a passive infrared sensor that is activated once body heat is detected, logic switch, and dual-level capacitor, the system dims fixture light levels to 50% when no one is present.

MagneTek Lighting Products

Circle 381


Powered manipulator aids operator

PowerTouch virtually eliminates the push and pull forces of material handling. The manipulator simulates normal operator motion with less than 3 lb of force, far exceeding manual material handling standards set by OSHA and NIOSH. Proprietary software provides smooth rotational and linear movement through the use of amplifiers, motors, and a processor.

Columbus McKinnon Corp.,

Positech Div.

Circle 382


System tracks reusable containers and pallets

Nameplate identification system allows users to permanently identify and track reusable containers, racks, and pallets. The system replaces hot stamping or bolting of metal nameplates. It is available in various grades to meet specific requirements, such as indoor and outdoor durability, UV resistance, and a broad range of temperatures.

The Kennedy Group

Circle 383


Linings protect in chemical environments

Chempruf 2000/2001 Series linings install on steel or concrete where chemical exposure is severe and physical requirements are high. The linings are typically trowel-applied to a finished thickness of 1/8-in. for such applications as trenches, sumps, and floors. A broad range of resin systems allows customization for specific needs.

Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc.

Circle 384


Sensor/switch is programmable

Type 8032 sensor/switch is designed to switch a valve, relay, or pump and establish an on/off control loop. It measures flow rates from 0.6-30 fps and features a programmable setpoint that can be set locally, with three push buttons on the display; or externally from a PLC/computer over a 4-20-mA loop or ASI FieldBus.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.

Circle 385


Restrictors save hose ends

HB Series hose bend restrictors feature a tapered design that reduces stresses near a coupling junction, thereby extending the life of the hose. The upper lip of the restrictor firmly attaches to the coupling, holding the restrictor in place and eliminating costly adhesives and clamps. The device is stocked in lengths from 5.19-7.75 in., inner diameters from 0.616-0.871 in., and coupling-end inner diameters from 0.625-0.885 in.

Niagra Plastics Co.

Circle 386


Plastic pallet competes with wood

RACK'R 2K, rackable plastic pallet incorporates a special welding process and patented pultrusion technology. It is an automation-friendly, fully recyclable pallet made to compete with the industry standard-the rackable wood GMA pallet. It has edge rack load capacity of 2800 lb, dynamic load capacity of 5000 lb, and operating temperature from -20-140 F.

Cookson Plastic Molding

Material Handling Div.

Circle 387


Monitor meets NEMA 4 standards

FPI1710 industrial video monitor has a 17.1-in. SXGA TFT LCD with a resolution of 1280 x 1024. With a 160-deg viewing cone, 200-nits brightness, and 16-million-color capability, the monitor delivers high performance. It is available in rack or panel mount configurations.

Nortech Engineering, Inc.

Circle 388


Pen scans tools

Series IV pen provides easy and hassle-free tool tracking. and check-out. Simply scan the bar code labels to instantly capture tool and employee information. Put the pen in its docking station to instantly transfer information to a database. Create tool records in the field by scanning UPC labels or labels on a product catalog list. The pen holds up to 700 scans.

Toolwatch Corp.

Circle 389


Camera takes pictures of temperatures

IR SnapShot 525 is a low cost, portable, infrared camera that enables the operator to predict and prevent maintenance problems before they manifest themselves in costly malfunctions. Images viewed on a 4-in. color LCD accurately show temperatures throughout the image and outline problem areas.

Infrared Solutions, Inc.

Circle 390


UPS protects entire facility

PureWave UPS system provides enhanced service continuity to facilities served by a single power source where momentary disruptions are a concern. Available in ratings from 380 V-34.5 kV, it provides back-up power to the entire facility for up to 30 sec, eliminating up to 98% of the voltage disturbances commonly encountered. It switches from the utility source to the stored energy source in 1/4 cycle, protecting sensitive devices.

S & C Electric Co.

Circle 391


Towels incorporate hand cleaner

Workplace towels use a one-step, waterless hand cleaner with proven pumice performance. The powerful, yet safe, liquid hand cleaning agents work together with a heavy-duty, non-scratching, abrasive hand towel to remove the toughest grit and grime in the workplace. They leave hands clean, comfortable, and protected without any residue.

LPS Laboratories

Circle 392


Patch chuckholes anytime, anywhere

STA-FIL allows one person to complete a chuckhole repair in 5 min or less. Simply fill the hole, tamp firmly, and the repair is done. The material bonds instantly to both dry and damp holes and gains strength as it ages. It can be applied in any weather and below zero temperatures. The patch lasts longer than the surrounding pavement and is unaffected by oil, salt, and heavy traffic.

Revere Products

Circle 393


Lighting system prolongs lamp life

Uni-Form 250-W, pulse-start, metal halide system offers more initial light output, better maintained lumens, and 50% increase in lamp life over standard 250-W metal halide lamps. Lamps are available with a mogul base and in clear or coated versions. Both open and enclosed styles are offered with 3700K and 4000K color temperatures and a CRI of 65 or 70.

Venture Lighting

Circle 394


Camera hood shows boiler drum water level

Drum level camera hood offers several important features for the boiler operator. It produces bi-colored lighting, which shows water in green and steam in red. The video shows the steam/water separation line and gauge action. The video image can be transmitted 5000-ft away. The hood eliminates nuisance video smearing by overhead lights. The cooled enclosure protects the camera from heat and dust.

Diamond Power Specialty Co.

Circle 395

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