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Wire marker printer produces up to eight lines E-Z-Coder wire marker printer is a small, portable unit for producing custom labels for wire, faceplates, outlets, and electrical components. It weighs 1.


Wire marker printer produces up to eight lines

E-Z-Coder wire marker printer is a small, portable unit for producing custom labels for wire, faceplates, outlets, and electrical components. It weighs 1.6 lb and incorporates a rechargeable battery that prints up to 250 sharp, high-quality labels between charges. Users can print up to eight variable lines of text in two sizes in bold or normal type.

Thomas & Betts Corp.

Circle 371


Forklift improves operator safety

The 7-Series cushion tire forklifts has a 3000-4000-lb capacity. The patented System of Active Stability adds a measure of safety by actively monitoring and controlling the movements of the lift truck to prevent tipping. The system also helps reduce the chance of injury and product damage from loads falling from the forks that have been tilted too far forward or backward.

Toyota Industrial Equipment

Circle 372


Sensor displays flow rate

Signet vortex sensors, in sizes from 1/2-4 in., are made from PVDF and offered in wafer, ANSI, and ISO flange configurations. Features include an adjustable 4-20 mA and open-collector sensor pulse output signal that is accurate to

George Fischer, Inc.

Circle 373


Reels hold twin welding hose

N400 Series gas welding reels improve the efficiency of welding operations. The reel handles 1/4 or 3/8-in. oxygen/gas hose in lengths up to 100 ft and features two swivel joint inlets and two outlet risers to handle twin gas welding hose. The unit operates at pressures up to 300 psi and temperatures from -40-200 F.

Hannay Reels, Inc.

Circle 374


Signal device provides audible and optical alert

Sonalert LSC616N delivers a typical sound pressure level (SPL) of 100 dB at 2 ft, at a frequency of 2.9 KHz

North American Capacitor Co.

Circle 375


Ethernet hub works on factory floor

Ethernet Repeater is an eight-port, 10BaseT hub for industrial applications. The device manages communication and delivers regulated power for field devices with the features and performance of hubs used in office environments. Integral nickel-plated brass connectors, eight-pin eurofast for field devices, and two minifast for power connection provide plug-and-play convenience.

InterlinkBT, LLC

Circle 376


Lining compounds resist abrasion

Wear Guard systems protect machinery and equipment from abrasion damage, which reduces maintenance and extends equipment life. Filled with abrasion-resistant silicon carbide or alumina ceramic beads, these products are ideal for lining process equipment. High load and fine load formulations provide resistance to a wide array of acids, bases, saturated oils and other chemicals up to 300 F.


Circle 377


Telephones increase plant safety

Self-monitoring and reporting technology (S.M.A.R.T.) emergency telephones increase safety in facilities. The system's unique monitoring feature ensures that emergency telephones work in a crisis situation. The system performs continuous self-tests and issues reports on phone functionality and status to a central location.

GAI-Tronics Corp.

Circle 378


Safety light curtain has no control box

MS4600-30 safety light curtain system is a simple two-box design. Control reliable circuitry is housed in the receiver and transmitter, requiring no separate control box. Individual beam indicators simplify alignment, and the ability to select automatic start and start/restart interlock modes allows the system to be configured for either point-of-operation or perimeter guarding applications.

Scientific Technologies, Inc.

Circle 379


Monitoring system handles entire plant

Vibscanner puts a complete plant status and condition monitoring system in the palm of one hand. Joystick navigation and flexible input make measuring, recording, and processing data quick and error-free. It is ideal for spot inspections or daily rounds. Flexible and easy input allow collection of measurements, such as process inputs, vibration, bearing lubrication, temperature, and current.


Circle 380


Material only absorbs oil

Absorbent W is an environmentally-friendly product that eliminates oils, gasoline, diesel, and all other petroleum-based fluids from aqueous liquids. Its effectiveness is due to the absorption of petroleum fluids directly into the natural fibers through a crosslink-polymer base. This action locks in hydrocarbons to reduce their levels to as low as 5 ppm.

Absorption Corp.

Circle 381


UPS module isolates and protects load

Model 9330 is a traditional, double-conversion, online UPS module with true dual input capability, providing the highest level of isolation from the input and protection to the load. The output voltage and frequency are independent of input voltage and frequency conditions.

Powerware Corp.

Circle 382


Anti-icing formulas cover all situations

A three-formula system is a complete package of deicing/anti-icing products. Formula I responds immediately to remove frost, ice, and snow on contact, while leaving behind an invisible layer that resists reformation. Formula II melts ice instantly and provides a strong layer that repels ice adhesion. Formula III provides 30-60 days of protection against ice formation and buildup.

Aervoe-Pacific Co., Inc.

Circle 383


Lift handles 5-gal. pails safely

Model 3500 improves safety and reduces spillage for applications requiring the lifting, transporting, stacking, and palletizing of 5-gal. pails. Capable of lift heights up to 67 in., it easily reaches top shelves. Featured are a heavy-duty, carbon steel frame, oversized caster wheels, and simple foot pump lift mechanism.

Drum Runner Material Handling Co.

Circle 384


Lamp fixture promotes safety and efficiency

Prismalume enclosed luminaires promote safety and peace of mind from the possibility of nonpassive failures of HID lamps. The series also provides a luminous appearance with 15-20% uplight to reduce ceiling contrast and avoid the cavern effect that can occur in applications with high ceilings. A thermal, shock-resistant, prismatic glass reflector does not pit or corrode during normal use.


Circle 385


Compressor lubricants require less changing

Sigma compressor fluids are designed for long life, reduce the frequency of oil changes, and are easily separated from condensate, which minimizes disposal and maintenance costs. The fluids resist degradation, which form carbon and varnish deposits, while ensuring optimum compressor performance.

Kaeser Compressors

Circle 386


Heat trace control can be customized

IntelliTRACE system is a complete control solution for heat trace applications such as process temperature maintenance, freeze protection, and roof/ gutter deicing. The modular design of the control panel and components allows users to select only the features needed for their specific installation, minimizing the purchase price and simplifying system configuration.


Circle 387


Chillers provide more in a small package

Merlin Series chillers range in cooling capacity from 810-5045 W and offer up to 30% more cooling in a space-saving package. Added conveniences include a unique, easy-view fluid reservoir; reservoir drain for quick and clean fluid changes; and integrated fluid pressure reducer/flow controller.

Neslab Instruments, Inc.

Circle 388


Cements and grouts resist high temperatures

High temperature-resistant, cement-based products for equipment grouting and repair of concrete structures and floors can be exposed to 1000 F 3-hr after placement. Structural Concrete HTR can be poured or pumped in place for rapid turnaround concrete repairs. HTR grout is a nonshrink material for supporting equipment and structural baseplates.

Five Star Products, Inc.

Circle 389


Clocks maintain high accuracy

The 708 HA Series of high accuracy timekeeping displays come in sizes from 4-12 in. Exceptional viewing distance is provided by an advanced display featuring PLCC2 surface mount LEDs. Digits up to 12-in. high can be viewed at distances of 400 ft. An optically isolated RS-422/RS-485 communications port allows up to 32 slave displays to be connected to one master.

Vorne Industries, Inc.

Circle 390


Electronic regulators control air remotely

P3P-R Series of remotely controlled, electronic pressure regulators accurately control pneumatic pressure by means of a signal from a closed loop, integrated electronic control system. Pulse width modulated technology is controlled by current (4-20 mA) or voltage (0-10 V). Advanced electronics ensure that excellent linearity and hysteresis are achieved. Sizes range from 1/8-1/2 in.

Parker Hannifin Corp.

Circle 391


Grease pump handles remote sites

Manual grease filler pump provides speed, reliability, and economy. It is capable of refilling a 2-liter reservoir in a fraction of the time required using a conventional grease gun since the pump requires no air supply. A special adapter allows grease that is manually compressed from the pump to quickly enter the pump reservoir. Operators simply attach the grease cartridge and begin refilling.

Lincoln Industrial

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