2001 The National Plant Engineering Show

Absorbent mat dispenser Mat Tablet dispenser is an innovative way to store and distribute absorbent mats that control leaks and spills in the workplace.


Absorbent mat dispenser

Mat Tablet dispenser is an innovative way to store and distribute absorbent mats that control leaks and spills in the workplace. The dispenser is packaged on a handy tablet that has a pop-up tab for hanging anywhere the mats are needed for easy access and fast retrieval.

New Pig Corp.


Booth 1632


Maintenance software

Ivara.EXP is an Expert Maintenance Program that improves the effectiveness of maintenance programs by identifying the right work to do at the right time in the maintenance cycle.

Ivara Corp


Booth 1029


Lift tables

New Vision hydraulic scissor lift tables offer unequaled performance and unsurpassed safety features. The tables are available in 2500-lb and 3500-lb capacities with a vertical travel of 36 in. and a wide range of platform sizes.

Bishamon Industries Corp.


Booth 2047/2048


Spray nozzles

Spray nozzles are used in a wide range of applications, including cooling, dust control, lubrication, washing gases, food service, cleaning, and humidifying.

Bete Fog Nozzle, Inc.


Booth 1746


Structural adhesive

Acrylic-Tie is a fast-cure, high-strength, structural adhesive. The Acrylic-Tie kit includes a 5-oz cartridge, a static mixing nozzle, and an adapter to allow dispensing from a standard caulking gun. The product works in tough conditions like damp holes and repeated freeze-thaw situations.

Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.


Booth 2702


Quick disconnect control connectors

Three new lines of quick disconnect control connector product lines provide superior signal integrity, as well as secure watertight and corrosion resistant connections in tough industrial environments. Each line of connectors features prewired molded-on plugs, mating receptacles, and accessories.

Hubbell, Inc., Wiring Device-Kellems


Booth 2536


Rooftop walkway system

Gratewalk metal rooftop walkway system provides an open, slip resistant pathway to service mechanical equipment. The safe, sure-footed surface is fastened to metal rooftop seams, made from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, and is virtually maintenance free.

GS Metals Corp.


Booth 1159


Waterless hand cleaner

Kresto EZ is a soft paste that cleans hands without water or towels. The product is ideal for situations where a sink is not available. The cleaner contains a patented walnut shell scrubber that allows for complete dirt removal. The product will not damage or irritate skin.

Stockhausen, Inc., Skin Care Div.


Booth 1947


Collapsible wire container

Model 15406 wire container is collapsible and stackable. The overall size is 72 in. 3 40 in. 3 46 in. with a collapsed height of 121/2 in. Reinforced formed wire feet allow for easy cleaning and quick stacking. Heavy-duty solid hinges and automatic latches help the unit keep its shape.

Carico Systems


Booth 1360


Label holder

SlipcStrip label holder features a unique bottom loading design that snugly holds bar codes, signs, or labels in place on racks or shelving without messy adhesive. The product can be used at its full 36-in. or 48-in. length or cut to any size. Six standard widths accommodate any label from 3/4-3-in. high.

Aigner Index, Inc.


Booth 1157


Double-diaphragm pumps

Husky air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps feature a patented air valve design that makes the line reliable for a variety of applications. A three-way pilot valve offers nonsticking operation, requires no air line lubrication, and is made of corrosion resistant parts.

Graco, Inc.


Booth 2652


Automatic center punch

The Facom automatic center punch provides a high level of user comfort, utilizes an internal spring mechanism for safety and durability, and provides 30-52 lb of adjustable power impact without the use of a hammer.

SK Hand Tool Corp.


Booth 2054


Pipe threading machine

The Sidekick pipe threading machine weighs just 37 lb, threads, cuts, and reams from 1/4-1 in. With automatic oiling through the die head, the unit includes die head, dies, reamer, foot-switch, swing-away handle, and a 3-yr warranty.



Booth 2052


Video remote control system

The PVS800 portable video remote control system serves areas that are unsafe for direct, line-of-sight equipment. The product can control input from three cameras and features a full color, high resolution LCD display.

Cattron-Theimeg, Inc.


Booth 1155


Dock products

Vehicle restraints with a unique rotating hooking mechanism, hydraulic dock levelers with free fall protection, and seals and shelters to facilitate efficient loading and unloading operations will be featured in the booth.

Rite-Hite Corp.


Booth 1037


Sign and label maker

PowerMark sign and label making system lets users such as maintenance, safety, and plant engineers create custom products at an affordable price without the delays associated with ordering custom signs. Products with up to four colors on tape sizes ranging from 4-10-in. wide are available.

Brady Signmark of Brady Worldwide, Inc.


Booth 2022


Temperature calibrator

Model 724 temperature calibrator measures and source/simulates RTDs, thermocouples, volts, and ohms to test and calibrate temperature sensors and transmitters. The product simultaneously allows the process instrument technician to view input and output data on an easy-to-read dual display.

Fluke Corp.


Booth 2029


Pipe repair system

Stop It pipe repair system can be applied over dirty or rusty pipe by one person, sets in 5 min, cures in 30 min, and conforms around elbows, tees, and other fittings. Pipes are wrapped with a water activated knitted fiberglass tape and precoated with urethane.

Indumar Products, Inc.


Booth 2408


Humidification systems

Airfog humidification systems have output capacities ranging from 2-25-lb/hr/nozzle. THE AFD nozzles are mounted on a manifold that offers vertical and horizontal rail-mounting flexibility while using low compressor consumption. Repositioning or adding nozzles is easily achieved.

Nortec Industries, Inc.


Booth 1815


Hand cleaning towel

Scrubs in-a-Bucket hand cleaning towel combines a citrus-based cleaning formula with an absorbent, nonscratching towel. The towel loosens, dissolves, and absorbs grease, dirt, epoxy, paint, oils, tar, lubricants, and other soils from your hands.

ITW Dykem/Dymon


Booth 1838


Dock door protection

Goal Post System protects doors and eliminates forklift damage by fitting directly over existing steel bollards. The "never paint again" system is made of 4-in. schedule 40 steel, sleeved with a high-density polyethylene thermoplastic (HDPE) tube.

Ideal Shield LLC


Booth 1714



Auto-Vac filter removes virtually all suspended solids from liquid slurries. With the aid of a diatomaceous earth filter media, solid particles as small as 1/2 micron are removed from the liquid being filtered. The solids are continuously removed, then deposited into a receptacle for easy disposal.

Alar Engineering Corp.


Booth 1442


Pulley alignment tool

SheaveMaster mounts magnetically to the face of a V-belt pulley. A permanently calibrated laser beam fans out, striking three magnetic targets on the opposite pulley to measure angular, offset, and twist misalignment of the drive. The product is used equally well on chain-driven sprockets.

Ludeca, Inc.


Booth 2529


Flooring systems

Degadur methacrylates floor systems cure in 1 hr to a seamless, nonporous finish. The system is highly resistant to chemicals and staining, and is available in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Silikal Resin Systems


Booth 1758


Safety training

Version 4.0 of this online safety training program has been updated with a new appearance while maintaining and enhancing its original functionality. Stronger, more contemporary graphics make the training procedure easier to navigate, while side menu tabs allow movement through the process easier.



Booth 1845


Security door

Spiral door combines speed, aesthetics, and security. Opening at up to 60 in./sec, the product is well suited for exterior doorways with moderate-to-heavy motorized traffic. Double-wall aluminum slats and full height weatherseal provide for an efficient seal, and the door's rigid construction offers excellent security.

Rytec Corp.


Booth 2012


Ice removal

Three noncorrosive, biodegradable, and environmentally safe formulas are used to remove and prevent ice formation. Formula I is a glass and window deicer, Formula II is a metal deicer/anti-icer, and Formula III is a sign anti-icer.

Aervoe-Pacific Co., Inc.


Booth 2247


Digital ultrasonic inspection system

Ultraprobe 9000 digital ultrasonic inspection system offers simplified airborne/structureborne ultrasound inspection and datalogging. Typical ap-plications include mechanical inspection, leak detection, and electrical inspection.

UE Systems, Inc.


Booth 2419


Online distributor

Hard-to-find electrical products are housed in an UPS-managed facility and are ready to ship same day. There is no minimum order charge, no broken-package penalties, and low shipping costs.


Booth 2833


Butterfly valves

A wide selection of butterfly valves for the water, wastewater, and power generation markets are available in sizes from 3 in. through 168 in. Valves 24 in. and larger utilize a patented E-lok seat-in-body retention system. All models meet or exceed the latest edition of AWWA C504.

Henry Pratt Co.


Booth 2154


Air-purifying respirator

Fresh-air II P 9000 powered air-purifying respirator creates a positive atmosphere within the helmet that keeps out harmful welding particles and fumes. The respirator is compact, comfortable for the welder, and weighs only 3.36 lb.

Hornell, Inc.


Booth 1816


Industrial chairs

The 4P Series and 4Q Series of upholstered chairs provide comfort and support, which help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury or cumulative trauma. The chairs support a balanced work posture and minimize fatigue.

BioFit Engineered Products


Booth 2709


Vibration sensors

Series 640 vibration sensors feature built-in, loop-powered transmitters for direct connection to existing PLCs, DCSs, and SCADA systems. The units directly output 4-20-mA signals proportional to peak velocity or rms accelerations, and are ideal for providing an early warning of impending machinery failure.

IMI Sensors


Booth 1935


Brushable urethane

Fixmaster flex brushable urethane is a two-part system that combines the properties of rubber and urethane to form an abrasion and impact-resistant coating for parts or equipment. The product protects or repairs rubber, urethane, and metal surfaces.

Loctite Corp.


Booth 1860


Screw compressors

L22-L75 range (30-100 hp) of rotary screw compressors is available with outputs from 92-399 cfm at standard pressures of 100, 125, and 150 psig. The compressors control auxiliary equipment, such as dryers, condensate drains, and filters.



Booth 2237


Maintenance software

Task Manager maintenance data management program enables the user to keep current listings of all vendors/ manufacturers, equipment, meters, parts/material, and contractors, plus a complete history of work performed. The software also allows the user to schedule preventive and corrective maintenance based on calendar days, meter use, and high or low gauge readings.

AllMax Professional Solutions, Inc.


Booth 2736


Industrial degreasers

A line of industrial degreasers handles a number of cleaning problems, including dirt, ink, tire marks, hydraulic fluids, and grease. The products are VOC compliant.

Ramsey Co.

Booth 1644


Dock leveler

Versa-Dock XL hydraulic leveler facilitates loading and unloading of high cube, low boy, and conventional trailers at a single dock position. The leveler allows 9-ft wide access for below dock loading where doublewide pallets and 8-in. wide racks are commonly used.

Serco Co.


Booth 2227


Ground fault

circuit interrupters

Shock Shield portable ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) protect people and equipment under UL, CSA, and IEC standards that meet NEC and OSHA requirements. The family of products includes attachable, plug in modules, cord attached, and panel mount units from 120-V/15-amp single phase to 600-V/80-amp three phase.

Technology Research Corp.


Booth 1916


Construction alliance

Nationwide construction alliance provides facility design, construction, and development services using principal management, consistent procedures, and alternative financing options.

The Citadel Group


Booth 2815



A variety of pleated, box, and pocket filters; polyester pads and rolls; ring panel and link panel filters; and HEPA filters will be on display. Products are available in a variety of sizes and efficiency levels.

FiltersRx.com, Inc.


Booth 2816


Flooring products

Company offers more than 50 different types of flooring products, such as heavy-duty, trowel-applied epoxy overlayment, decorative color quartz, water-based epoxy coatings, self-leveling epoxies, patch repair kits, and more.

Hoover & Wells, Inc.


Booth 1715


Activity drink

An electrolyte replacement drink restores important mineral salts and fluids lost through dehydration, physical exertion, and heat stress. The product is available in a variety of popular flavors, and in liquid or powder concentrate forms.

The Sqwincher Corp.


Booth 1549


Safety tags

Pressure sensitive P-Tags are used when specific information and/or pictures need to be applied to a tag, but heat lamination is not available. The tags are available in several formats.

Idesco Corp.


Booth 2149


Chemical delivery

The ChemStation System is a program of locally manufactured, custom-formulated, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals delivered into refillable tanks at the customer's facility. The company formulates water-based, biodegradable sanitation, and process chemicals. More than 40 locations nationwide offer convenient, timely delivery.

ChemStation Intl., Inc.


Booth 2724



Rydlyme liquid, biodegradable descaler dissolves water scale, lime, mud, and rust deposits from water-based systems or equipment. The product is nonhazardous and noncorrosive.

Apex Engineered Products Corp.


Booth 2038


Cable management

EZ Tray, EZ Trough, EZ Pack, and FAS System offer cable management solutions for virtually any application.

Cablofil, Inc.


Booth 2634



Pump line is available in sizes from 1/4-3-in. port sizes with flow rates from 3-214 gpm. The pumps handle high viscosities, can run dry, have leak-free mating surfaces, and are portable and self priming.

Yamada America, Inc.


Booth 2242


EAM software family

MPX Oracle-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software family includes MP5i and MP2i. When customers elect to host one of these, they are "connected" via a service called MPXconnect, which is the delivery method, or hosting service the company provides. A single point of contact for the complete EAM application-including software, hardware, and support concerns-is provided.

Datastream Systems, Inc.


Booth 1229


Evaporative cooler

Portable evaporative cooler can drop the temperature up to 20-deg F or more. The units run quietly and are completely portable.

Quietaire Cooling, Inc.


Booth 2145


Tool kit

MB430 tool kit features double insulated products rated for 1000 Vac/1500 Vdc. Gloves, flash/flame resistant clothing, and insulating blankets are also available.

Cementex Products, Inc.


Booth 8214


Laser-based tachometer

Model PLT-5000 pocket laser tachometer uses a Class 1 laser as its light source. The instrument can be used for both contact and noncontact measuring. The unit provides up to 14 memories and allows single button selection of measurement units such as rpm, velocity in meters/min, feet/min, yards/min, inches/min, and length in meters, yards, and feet.

Pioneer Electric & Research


Booth 1658


Heat exchangers

Service centers located in Ashland, VA, and Houston, TX, clean and recondition heat exchanger plates and frames.

Alfa Laval, Inc.


Booth 2534


Remote control

Linx handheld wireless remote control features eight three-speed detent buttons, modular design for onsite configuration, and a communication range in excess of 1000 ft (environment dependent).

Control Chief Corp.


Booth 1559


Centrifugal pump

Super T Series self-priming centrifugal pump features an innovative, external, shimless wearplate adjustment.



Booth 1912



Various clamp styles in zinc plated and stainless steel are available. The clamps offer speed of installation, tamper resistance, and a low profile posture while maintaining a constant seal.

Oetiker, Inc.


Booth 2250



Silcon 400 and 500 Kva/kW UPSs serve internet infrastructure, datacenter, and enterprise applications. The scaleable UPS systems can be combined to provide a redundant 2-megawatt solution 40% smaller than other legacy UPS solutions.

American Power Conversion


Booth 2418



MainBoss computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) features work orders; preventive maintenance, equipment, and inventory tracking; purchase orders; and reporting. An add-on allows users to send work requests from anywhere using the internet, standard e-mail clients, or portable devices.

Desktop Innovations, Inc.


Booth 1818


Dust barrier

Dust barrier is quickly assembled around work areas to prevent contaminants from entering the surrounding space.

ZipWall, LLC


Booth 2706


Crane and hoist services

Company offers overhead crane and hoist services nationwide. More than 30 locations are located in the U.S.

Crane America Services


Booth 262



Internet-based "portal" web site allows viewers to buy and sell HVAC/R equipment and components online.



Booth 2825


High-speed doors

TrakLine high-speed doors feature the innovative V-Flex Curtain Release System, which allows the curtain to separate from the track upon impact to help prevent door damage and downtime. The doors combine high-speed operation of up to 40-in./sec with durable, low maintenance designs. Ideal for exterior openings and large doorways, the doors can operate in winds up to 45 mph.

Rite-Hite Doors


Booth 1037


TSP solution

Mainsaver NOW is a hosted total service provider (TSP) solution based on the Mainsaver EAM/CMMS software suite. With the program, users get all of the features of the EAM software to reduce downtime, control expenses, optimize inventory, improve purchasing efficiency, and more effectively deploy productive assets, personnel, and other resources for a fraction of traditional onsite application costs.

Cayenta, Inc.


Booth 817


Tool storage chests

Jobmaster and Storagemaster chests for tools and equipment feature a patented lock system that uses a single padlock to secure a two-point dead bolt latch. A reinforcing rib adds structural integrity to the entire box, while an ergonomic handle provides a positive grip.

Knaack Manufacturing Co.


Booth 2823


Spill containment

Ultra-TrackPans for capturing spills at industrial rail sidings are constructed from polyethylene and hold 160 gal. Below-grade piping can be installed to channel large spills to holding ponds or tanks.

UltraTech Intl., Inc.


Booth 1248



E-commerce solutions use internet technologies to improve communication between trading partners, streamline business processes, and increase the overall efficiency of the supply chain. E-commerce strategic sourcing services use demand aggregation to leverage the combined trading volume of its members.

Prime Advantage Corp.


Booth 832

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