PPE October 12, 2017

Reduce weld fume exposure by choosing the right option

Protecting employees against weld fumes is critical to providing a safe working environment. Choosing the right welding solution involves many key factors including the welding process, the type of fumes produced, and the OSHA standards relevant to the manufacturing process.

By Al Hilbert, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Image courtesy: CFE Media
PPE June 29, 2017

Seven ways to avoid potential safety hazards

With all the safety hazards posed by electrical equipment, proper training is imperative to the well-being of employees.

By David Manney, L&S Electric
Figure 4: Conducting an electrical risk assessment wearing the proper PPE. Courtesy: AVO Training Institute
PPE April 13, 2017

Electrical test instruments: Safety is still the first tool

Safety is paramount with electrical test instruments and great care must be taken when using equipment or understanding the codes involved.

By Dennis K. Neitzel, CPE, CESCP, AVO Training Institute
Proper and complete documentation of the principles and procedures of your electrical safety program is an important component of keeping it NPFA 70E compliant. Courtesy: Northcott Consulting
PPE February 14, 2017

Eight easy pieces to electrical safety

Make your company’s electrical safety program NFPA 70E-compliant by following eight best practices to make sure that the electrical safety programs drives the development of safety habits.

By Tommy Northcott, PE, CMRP, Northcott Consulting LLC
Courtesy: CFE Media
PPE January 27, 2017

Equipment purchasing market expects growth in 2017

Business-friendly administration in Washington may fuel more spending confidence, report finds.

By Bob Vavra
ISS employees installing mineral wool insulation on boiler wall at power plant. Courtesy: ISS Insulation Services & Solutions
PPE January 26, 2017

Insulation deficiencies can harm plants, people

Proper attention provides better energy management, reduced operational failure

By Nick Eaton, ISS Insulation Services & Solutions
PPE October 31, 2016

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles: October 24-30: process improvements, arc flash relays, CMMS adoption, more

Articles about permanent process improvements, arc flash relays reducing costs, CMMS adoption enhancing maintenance, mobile manufacturing maintenance, and OSHA's annual safety violation report were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, October 24-30. Were you out? You can catch up here.

By Brana Webb
PPE October 18, 2016

OSHA reports slight increase in safety violations for 2016

Fall protection once again leads the way as violations increase by almost 2% for 2016. Three categories in the top 10 reported considerable improvements compared to their 2015 numbers.

By Chris Vavra, production editor, CFE Media
Fig. 4: For sense input to the arc flash relay, contractors installed four point sensors in strategic locations as shown in the center and two fiber optic sensors, covering the entire top level cable tray. Courtesy: Littelfuse
PPE October 12, 2016

How an arc flash relay reduces costs

Wire manufacturer finds a way to eliminate hazard and control labor spending.

By Bryan Waldrop, Conaway Electrical Service
Image courtesy: CFE Media
PPE October 5, 2016

Three tips for worker arc flash safety

Companies need to take necessary steps to prevent an arc flash incident such as identifying potential areas where an incident might occur and ensuring workers have access to proper safety equipment like personal protective equipment (PPE).

By David Manney, L&S Electric