Research October 6, 2010

STEM partnership between FIRST, Automation Foundation, ISA

"Global strategic alliance" to bring professionals, students together

Research September 2, 2010

Smart Grid management software shows global growth potential

ARC report: Smart grid operations management software is a critical element in the development of more efficient and reliable electric grids.The United States, China, and India are the countries currently allocating the greatest amount of public capital to grid expansion and improvement initiatives.

Research November 15, 2007

Rugged digital storage

The EE25 series 5400.2 hard disc drive is designed for digital storage in extreme environment locations. It provides up to 80 GB of data storage in areas where temperature, vibration, humidity, shock and altitude could affect equipment operation. Features include SATA and PATA interfaces, operating vibration protection up to 2 Gs, temperature range of -30 to 85 C, altitude limit of 5,000 meters...

By Plant Engineering Staff