Wire connecting solution replaces manual splicing processes

Littelfuse June 6, 2023

Littelfuse, Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected and safe world, announced the C&K SpaceSplice™ Series wire connecting solution, designed to replace manual splicing processes in harsh environments. These connectors provide a standardized, easy-to-use, high-reliability solution manufactured to the highest standards.

The SpaceSplice connectors are a unique solution to wire-to-wire connection, designed to replace hand splice processes with a standardized solution that reduces labor time and is easy to use. It allows the connection of two wires using a D*MA crimpable and removable contact technology. SpaceSplice is designed to accept the most relevant gauges, reducing cost, and ensuring that only the required wires are used.

Designed to meet the highest quality requirements, SpaceSplice is ideal for demanding wiring systems, including:

  • Military/aerospace applications like satellites.
  • Launchers and payloadss
  • Heater, thermistor, and multilayer insulator (MLI) connections.
  • Other harsh environment applications.

“The SpaceSplice connectors design provides a high-reliability solution that replaces manual splicing processes, offering a standardized alternative that is easy to use, reducing labor time and cost while increasing reliability,” said Rémi Antoine, Global Product Manager at C&K Aerospace, now part of Littelfuse.

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