Subsea Hydraulic Hoist

October 12, 2021

Ideal for tough and unusual applications above deck and underwater, Ingersoll Rand’s Subsea Hydraulic Hoist for ship repair and ship husbandry, salvage and recovery operations, subsea maintenance and repair operations, and decommissioning subsea structures. Operators can use the Subsea Hoist at depths of up to 30 meters underwater, where repairs or maintenance are often needed. “The Ingersoll Rand® Subsea Hydraulic Hoist allows people to make underwater repairs at dock or while at sea. This can save customers thousands of dollars by avoiding the time and expense of pulling a ship into a dry dock for repairs or maintenance,” said Austin Lieb, Vice President of Product Management, Ingersoll Rand Material Handling. “Based on input from maintenance divers, we’ve designed the Subsea Hydraulic Hoist to provide the utmost maneuverability underwater.” Constructed to meet the industry’s safety and regulatory engineering standards, the hoist moves equipment safely, reliably and efficiently. The Subsea Hydraulic Hoist is available in capacities ranging from six to 50 tons.

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