SHD 200 Loop-Powered Control Unit

December 9, 2022

KROHNE’s SHD 200 provides a second 4…20mA current output for any HART available. This means that each HART dynamic variable from any attached HART field device can be mapped on the second current output. The second current output is also usable as a power supply for white backlight and 5 high-brightness LEDs that allow for NAMUR NE107 signalization. 

The SHD 200 contains 2 solid state relays for process control. These relays provide capabilities such as a status output, which occurs according to NE 107 signalization of the sensor, and a limit switch for which any HART dynamic variable is addressable. Additionally, a system alarm notifies any system-relevant failure, such as the loss of a HART communication. A sensor cleaning control for reduced maintenance and test method USP <645> for SMARTPAT COND sensors are also made available by these relays. 

For commissioning of OPTIBAR pressure transmitters, the SHD 200 comes with several functions for convenient commissioning of the field device directly via the SHD 200. The adjustable parameters include zero point, spa value, offset correction, damping value, and units of measurement. They also include specific adjustments for pressure, differential pressure, level, density, and interface applications. Convenient commissioning of OPTIWAVE level transmitters is also provided directly via the control unit, including adjustable parameters such as length, tank height, current output variable, as well as several other parameters.

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