Raymond Automated Transtacker (Automated TRT)

February 15, 2022

Designed to keep you moving, the new Automated TRT offers dual-mode operation: automated mode for full pallet moves and manual mode for case picking. With no need for operator breaks, this means more hours on the floor and more pallets moved per shift, increasing productivity. The Automated TRT’s Order Manager software fully integrates with your warehouse management system (WMS) to optimize performance and eliminate errors. The ultimate VNA warehouse solution for applications such as e-commerce, manufacturing and food and beverage, the Automated TRT is designed to lift loads as heavy as 3,000 pounds in aisles as narrow as 54 inches, reaching heights up to 59 feet. Additional benefits include: Flexibility: Manufactured with the features needed to accommodate automation additions and changes down the road. Sustainability: Equipped with an energy-efficient lithium-ion battery, the Transtacker recharges during use and requires no changes. Versatility: The flexible, movable storage and retrieval lift design has no hydraulic components and longer service life. I

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