Prism ISP SDK processing software

October 9, 2023

Teledyne FLIR released version 1.0 of its Prism ISP, a highly optimized image signal processing software development kit for embedded systems designed to maximize performance in thermal and multispectral applications.

Designed to run on low-power GPUs from Qualcomm and NVIDIA, Prism ISP includes image-enhancing functionality for:

  • Noise reduction

  • Super-resolution

  • Electronic image stabilization

  • Infrared and electro-optical video fusion

  • Turbulence mitigation

  • Locally adaptive tone mapping

The Prism ISP libraries enable integrators in the defense, commercial, and industrial markets to dramatically enhance imaging quality as part of artificial intelligence (AI) data capture at the edge, improving performance, lowering development costs, and shortening time to market. Developers, data scientists and perception engineers can utilize Prism ISP with Teledyne FLIR market-leading thermal cores, including Boson, Tau 2, Hadron and Neutrino.

In addition to Prism ISP, Teledyne FLIR has also enhanced Prism AI. This powerful, efficient perception software enables classification, object detection and object tracking in thermal and visible light spectrums. Prism AI now provides additional high-performance models trained on the world’s largest application-specific thermal image datasets, including ground intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

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