Power Express Two- and Four-Circuit Combiners

July 19, 2022

Like their eight-circuit predecessor, ABB’s two- and four-circuit combiners receive and combine multiple 100-volt-ampere (VA) NEC Class 2 power circuits into a bulk -48V nominal output circuit with a smaller form factor that opens the door for users to better tailor power solutions to their specific load and budgetary needs. At just 6 inches wide and 1RU high, the Power Express two- and four-circuit options are half the width of the eight-circuit Power Express combiner, offering a space-conscious solution to users whose power needs fall between 150  and 300W. The innovative builds of the Power Express Combiners avoid connecting circuits in parallel without galvanic isolation, offering peace of mind that NEC requirements are met when powering larger loads. All three options help reduce the possibility of user error by internally fusing the circuits within the module. The two-, four-, and eight-circuit modules are compatible with -42 to -60V dc inputs and provide 54.5V dc output at 150, 300, and 600W, respectively.

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