Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer

Shijiazhuang Huatao Import And Export Trade Co.,Ltd June 21, 2022

Specification:Main technical parameters of Multi-deck Vibrating Stack SizerDimensions: Width 1500mmX Length 4892mmX4142mmMachine weight: about 4 tonsScreening area: 7.3㎡Screening inclination: 17.5°Screening efficiency: 85~90%Amplitude: 0.8~2mmMaximum Capacity: 45T/h -120 T/hScreen Panel Aperture: Minimum 0.043mm – 10mmDecks : 1-deck stack sizer, 2-deck stack sizer , 3-deck stack sizer , 4-deck stack sizer, 5-deck stack sizerDescription:1. The main body of the Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer is riveted with rivets, which ensures the reliability and stability of the long-term operation of the equipment, and reduces the number of maintenance and labor.2. The surface of the Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer is treated with polyurea spraying technology as a whole, which increases the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment.3. With the self-developed polyweb urethane screen panel (minimum 0.043mm) , the screen is not easy to be blocked, and five channels are fed at the same time, with large processing capacity and high screening efficiency.Advantage:1. Fine screen obtains larger screening capacity with smaller footprint.2. Greatly improve the mill capacity and greatly reduce the power consumption per unit of ore grinding.3. Minimize the over-powdering of useful minerals (mudification).4. Improve metal recovery rate and reduce flotation reagent consumption.5. Successfully applied to the sorting

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