Measuring wheels in three different sizes

December 14, 2023

Sisco Measuring Wheels offers measuring wheels in three different sizes for different applications. The Sisco 5/6/12 Inches Measuring Wheels is engineered to be rugged, yet versatile, compact and dependable. It makes measuring distances and computing area simple. Measuring wheel records distances in feet as fast as you can walk and subtract distance when direction is reversed.

Sisco 12 Inch Digital Distance Measuring Wheels With Carrying Bag are perfect for estimating distance, landscaping, fencing, irrigation, surveying and more. We offer a variety of impressive features, including an extremely robust counting mechanism with a reset button to set the counter to zero, a height-adjustable telescopic guide rod for easy handling, and an abrasion-resistant precision measuring wheel made from high-quality plastic. Sisco Measuring Wheels is the ideal tool for quick, easy, and precise measurement of both short and long distances.

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