M23 19-Pole Field Wireable Connectors

October 11, 2023

Mencom M23 Field wireable (attachable) connectors are flexible passive devices used for a wide variety of industrial signal and control applications. The “Crimp and Poke” method of wire termination provides a quick solution where pre-molded cordsets are not readily available, or where cabling needs to be repaired.

The improved pin and insert designs make using these connectors even more effective and efficient. A simple change to the way the pin is captivated in the insert makes wiring, and re-wiring, if necessary, a quick and easy task. Gone is the old retention clip that could possibly be damaged when re-wiring or repairing. A simple extraction tool can now be used to quickly remove any contact. The pins and sockets for the M23 19-pole products accept a wire gauge range of 24-18 AWG.

Mencom M23 19-pole field wireable connectors offer rugged and reliable connections with error-free field installation.  The universal design also provides a means for shielding the cable if needed.

As a convenience, Mencom also offers a crimp tool (CCPZ-MIL) a locator tool (MCTP-V19) and the extraction tool (MCV19ES) to assist with assembly and disassembly, as well as MCV-001 to assist with the assembly of the female threaded connector.

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