K- and L-coded overmolded cable

December 1, 2023

binder USA expanded its 823/824 product series with K- and L-coded overmolded cable components that meet the UL 2238 standard for North America. The transmission of electrical power via compact M12 interfaces has become a fundamental requirement. The new components provide reliable power transmission to field devices, such as sensors, wireless transmitters, and Fieldbus devices. They also offer a compact alternative to 7/8-inch power connections used in industrial automation.

The K- coding indicates 5-pin connectors for AC supply of drives and frequency converters. The L-coding indicates 5-pin connectors for DC miniature drives, decentralized I/O modules, and Fieldbus systems. Gold-plated contacts guarantee reliable current transmission, while fully-overmolded connectors ensure IP68-level interface protection. The M12x1.0 thread is equipped with an anti-vibration lock.

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