IL-BRID Locking Lever

Mencom Corporation November 15, 2022

Lightweight construction is one of the most important factors in recent manufacturing trends. In addition to replacing metal with lightweight materials, lightweight structures use a combination of different materials to maximize advantages and minimize disadvantages. Mencom introduces the innovative IL-BRID lever available for all standard-size rectangular enclosures. The IL-BRID lever is designed to improve the traditional closing mechanism while achieving durability and low-wear performance by combining the thermoplastic materials’ smoothness with the stainless-steel spring’s sturdiness. The new soft closing design is especially suitable for applications with frequent opening and closing, thanks to the self-extinguishing UL-approved thermoplastic locking lever component that significantly reduces friction and wear when it slides on the pegs. The stainless-steel core then intervenes to ensure higher resistance against various mechanical stresses and vibrations from harsh industrial environments.

In addition to the proprietary lightweight ergonomic handle design for an easy and safe grip, its compact size and curved form allow it to occupy minimal space on the edges. The lever is easily detachable and reversible in the bulkhead housings and can be mounted on the counterpart hood. The IL-1BRID lever provides IP65 or IP66/IP69 degrees of protection (EN 60529) with superior locking strength to sustain even large cables.



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